Sunday, January 11, 2015

Heart Bookmark

Hello Papertrey Ink fans! I'm popping in here for the January 2015 countdown to share a project using my new Stitched Swirl Dies. It is a sweet little project that is easy to make and can be done as a special Valentine's Day gift.

I've seen several examples of corner bookmarks shaped as hearts on Pinterest and wanted to see if I could get the same look using the Limitless Layers Heart Stitching Dies and the Limitless Layers Hearts. So love how it turned out!

The corner of your book page fits inside an opening at the top of the two hearts.


1. Die cut a plain heart in Pure Poppy and and a decorative heart mat in Vintage Cream (Limitless Layers Heart Stitches and Limitless Layers Hearts) from felt. Die cut any decorative stitching dies on the Pure Poppy felt heart. In this case, I used the new Stitched Swirl Dies.

2. Sew the decorative details on the heart. Add any other embellishments such as the Bitty Button Stacks.

3. Layer the two hearts together. Beginning at a point 1/3 of the way down from the top, stitch the two hearts together using a running stitch from your starting point, down and around the bottom corner and back up until you get to the stitching hole that is on the opposite side of your starting point. Now reverse and go back in the other direction using a running stitch until you get to your starting point.

4. To create the opening at the top, use a running stitch again to sew through only the Pure Poppy heart along the top until you meet up with the stitches on the other side. Reverse and stitch a running stitch to your starting point.

5. Now sew a running stitch on only the Vintage Cream heart along the top until you meet up with your previous stitches. Reverse running stitch back to the beginning, tie off, and cut.

And here's a clear photo of the new Stitched Swirl Dies. I used two here. This cowboy boot inspired swirl comes in two dies that are mirror images of each other. And, a nice surprise, they fit nicely on the hearts! Bitty Button Stacks add decorative details.

These new dies will be available on January 15th at 10 PM EST at More inspiration below:

Nichole Heady
Dawn McVey
Maile Belles
Heather Nichols
Ashley Cannon Newell
Lizzy Jones
Melissa Bickford
Lexi Daly


Dies: Limitless Layers Heart, Limitless Layers Heart Stitches, Stitched Swirls, Bitty Button Stacks
Felt: Pure Poppy, Hibiscus Burst, Vintage Cream


  1. Fantastic idea! And that bookmark with the scrolly white on red is perfection!

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! SUPER CUTE!! I LOVE this Sweet idea and that Swirl Design!! I CAN'T wait to see the New Set!! ;) P.S I've been stitching up a storm using the Booty Dies my Niece/Nephew will be arriving this week!!?? and I wanted to have some for a gift!! ;) I Just LOVE how they are turning out!! ;) THANKS AGAIN for sharing and creating such AWESOME Products and have a Fabulous Weekend!! ;)

  3. "this cowboy boot inspired swirl"...well, there you got me!! This is a wonderful project!!

  4. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! I'm always looking for cute, inexpensive gift ideas - this is perfect!

  5. Very cute, Erin, and very nicely done!

  6. Each new stitch design you come up with is better than the last. Unless you count the baby
    shoes. They are the best.

  7. Thanks to your stitching dies, I made most of my Christmas presents this year! I saved lots of money; I had lots of fun, and everyone loved their personalized gift. I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2015! A little 2 hole strip would be helpful for turning tiny flowers and leaves into felt button embellishments.

  8. What a darling book mark. The stitching makes so special.