Monday, October 19, 2009

Monkey on My Back

Back during my long creative nuclear winter (that was November 2008 to about right now), I had this oh-so-brilliant idea to paint a floor cloth for underneath my kitchen table. I was frustrated with what I could purchase rug-wise as nothing seemed to meet my criteria of being inexpensive, stylish, and water/stain proof. A floor cloth seemed like the obvious solution. At the time. I could paint it myself in the colors I wanted, it got sealed with poly acrylic allowing it to withstand the food monster we call Hank, and it would cost me a grand total of $100 and a long weekend. Minus a few brain cells from the poly acrylic fumes, of course. I was in.

But seeing as it was creative nuclear winter, it just became so much easier to buy the indoor/outdoor rug on sale at Pottery Barn in August. $200 seemed like a bargain. Have not regretted it one bit. Just had this one lingering problem...the 10x7 piece of rolled canvas in the basement that was a daily reminder to my husband that I didn't look before I leaped. He sure liked to bring it up.

Well ladies, I rise triumphantly out of the dog house today when I used it as a backdrop for Halloween photos. Raided Matt's tool box for some clamps and attached it to our projector screen in the playroom. Viola! Instant photo studio. Call the neighborhood kids over for a Halloween photo shoot. Now the only monkey on my back is...well...Hank.

Getting all three to cooperate at the same time was impossible. But at least it was worth a laugh when their antics revealed the weak spot in my design. Oops!


  1. How cute! What a great idea.

  2. These are SOOOO cute! What a great backdrop! It worked perfectly!

  3. Oh my gosh they are too cute! Love the Curious George! Hank is such a cutie!

  4. Great idea Erin. And the little ones are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Oh, enjoy it while you can....they grow up so fast.................HMMMMMMMMM maybe Hank should have a little PLAYMATE!!!!


  5. Great idea! The last photo is adorable!

  6. Oh Erin...I can't believe how big Hank is getting! I'm so glad you got a blog on the go!! I wish I had run across it sooner, you're on my google reader now!
    Look forward to reading more from you!