Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugar Cookie How-To

I've got a project on the Silhouette blog today that features decorated sugar cookies made with a Silhouette cut sprinkle template. The nitty gritty how-to is a bit photo intensive, so I thought I'd post it here in case anybody was interested. Towards the end of the post, I'll add in a few additional tips that I'm planning on utilizing next time I do this. Can think of lots of occasions that might call for customized and monogrammed cookies, can't you? I mean, how neat are these things?

Here's how you do it yourself:

1. Supplies are as follows: Sugar cookie mix/recipe of your choice (obviously I'm going for the lazy option here), colored sugar sprinkles, PAM, wax paper, a brush to do away with stray sprinkles (almost as bad as glitter), and a drinking glass (not pictured).

2. Cut your wax paper into four inch squares. Get a wad of dough and place between two squares of wax paper.

3. Flatten dough with bottom of glass, making sure to spread the dough in a circle larger that than the diameter of the glass.

4. Remove top layer of wax paper and set aside for next cookie. Use the rim of the glass to cut a perfect circle out of dough. Naturally, you could use a rolling pin and a circular cookie cutter for the above three steps. Would have necessitated a trip to Michael's for me. Have you ever been to Michael's with a screaming toddler? If you have, you completely understand why I decided to make do with what I had at home

5. Cut simple shapes and letters out of white cardstock with your Silhouette. Cut a circle with a larger diameter than your cookie to prevent any accidential sprinkling. Got to get that dough covered. Place template on dough.

6. Flip cookie on wax paper backing onto a pile of sprinkles. Pat it down into the sprinkles for maximum coverage. One could sprinkle the sprinkles, but I find dabbing to be less messy and more even. Wax paper on the back of the cookie makes the flip super easy! Notice how the dough is protected by the large template. Remember, no illegal sprinkle coverage!

7. Flip cookie right side up. Remove paper stencil and set aside. I found I could reuse one about four times, so cut yourself a half dozen or so. Remove cookie from wax paper backing with spatula and place on cookie sheet. Bake as directed.

8. Share the love with those you care about. YUM!


1. Chilled dough works best, less sticky.
2. Thinking next time that I'll actually cut my templates on the Silhouette with wax paper. Should last longer and be easier to peel away from the dough.
3. Keep your work area clean. Stray sprinkles were the bane of my existance.



  1. Suuuuper cute! I'd love to hear how the waxed paper stencil works.

  2. I anxiously await your posts, Erin. Love your ideas. Yum.

  3. Freezer paper should work well for this,too. It is a little thicker than waxed paper and cuts well with your Silhouette. I have some samples on my blog, if you are interested.

  4. Great to see you around again. Missed your great ideas.

  5. FANTASTIC idea Erin. Where on earth did you come up with this one......last year the glitter candles this year - DESIGNER COOKIES.

    Oh how I would love to pick your creative brain.

    Simply Amazing idea.
    HHHMMMMMM, brain thinking ahead to daughers graduation!!!! Wanna come help?????

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  7. I'll try this again (fingers working faster than brain)

    He should be a BLAST this Christmas. ENJOY - they grow up FAST!

  8. Great idea and looks like they pass the Henry test!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! I tried this this afternoon. I ended up using the templates to paint the cookies with Luster Dust. Here is a link

  10. That is too clever! Thanks for the ideas! Hope you are having a fun holiday with Hank.

  11. Hey you!! Glad to see your creativity!! Oh, how I adore it and have missed it! :) :) :)
    I cannot believe how big Henry has gotten!! WOW!! Hope you are well!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ((((HUGS)))) kim :)

  12. Wow this is such a genius idea!!!!!! Love them all!!! I think santa will be wishing for some of there yummy goodness's!

  13. Thanks for the fantastic idea Erin. I am doing my sugar cookies today and will give it a try. Can you really run wax paper through the Sillhouette?

  14. Ok... so this comment admittedly has absolutely nothing to do with your post. Although it is a great idea!

    Anyway. I'm hooked on your living room/playroom. Found you via ohdeedoh yesterday.

    How do I find more pictures? or more about the room?! (*ehem* can you tell I'm loving the inspiration??)


  15. I just came across this idea and it's brilliant! I'm going to try this out with some punches I have too. I love how you used a cup to flatten the dough. It's funny how we are so intent on having all the right "tools", when we might have something that already works just as well! Thanks for the inspiration!