Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love You Sew

I read a tip on the PTI message board a few weeks ago about the Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine being user friendly for paper crafters. Now, sewing machines and I don't exactly get along. I'm afraid they'll eat my fingers, which I happen to care for quite a bit. And then there's the White Sewing Machine Disaster of 2003 when somehow, someway I manage to ruin my brand new machine trying to sew on paper. Don't let my mother hear that I admitted that publically as she bought it for me. Anyway, it all adds up to me being super phobic.

But, PTI. Sigh. I'm feeling the need to up my game to play with the big girls. The Sew Mini was ordered, set up without any fuss, and...I LOVE IT. Zero problems so far! Will be making up for lost time. All those sad, sewing machineless years of papercrafting behind me are fueling my desire to use it over and over and over. My favorite part? Only one speed, no matter how much to step on the peddle. My fingers are safe!

Here's today's V-Day card. With lots of sewing. Can't stop myself. And more of those little red hearts cut from my Silhouette. Happiness.

Stamp: Simple Valentine by Papertrey Ink
Scallop dies: Papertrey Ink, being released Feb 15
Silhouette shapes: heart_sm_1518 05/21/2009, love_birds_C00131_19547 01/29/2010
Paper: Perfect Match Kraft and Raspberry Fizz by PTI
Buttons: Vintage Buttons in Raspberry Fizz by PTI
Ribbon: Perfect Match Ribbon in Pure Poppy by PTI


  1. Very cute card. I too have the janome sew mini for sewing on my cards and love it. I was afraid to use my regular sewing machine with paper.

  2. beckyhalfhill@yahoo.comFebruary 9, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Ok, that makes me want to dig out my machine! Your card is sooo cute. Welcome to the Papertray Ink team! Can't wait to see many more fun projects from you! Becky

  3. Great card and stitching! My sewing machine and I aren't on speaking terms...

  4. Is this the machine? http://www.overstock.com/Crafts-Sewing/Janome-Sew-Mini-Sewing-Machine/3654717/product.html

    Seems so small for paper. I have a full size machine that HATES paper so I would love to be able to have a sewing machine that works well.


  5. What a fun card and a cute idea to have a pocket full of hearts! I totally agree about sewing machines and the Sew Mini--I had so many problems with my "real" one and then got my Sew Mini and LOVE it--no problems at all!

    Good luck with this next batch of snow!!

  6. Way too cute. Love all of the stitching!

  7. Wow! I'm impressed-so very cute and easy to do. I will be "lifting" your card if you don't mind.

  8. Super cute!!! I have NEVER been able to master the sewing on paper!!! Guess my Singer is too powerful.....

    Love your card...

  9. I hear your fear and second it! "The machine" was always my mom's thing. Never quite got the hang, but some crafty friends are trying to help get me over my phobia. Gotta say that your card is some serious motivation! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the inspiration and keep stepping on that peddle. :)

  10. so, sew, cute---HAHA!! Thanks for the word on the Janome Sew Mini---I have looked into it, but I hate to spend the money if it's not worth it---so glad you are enjoying it---perhaps it could cure my sewing fears.....hmmmmm.....

  11. Hi, I love this card and so I try to lift it. Not so good as yours, but I like mine too!

    Hugs, Petra