Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank You! Thank You!

Just wanted to pop in here and say thanks for all the well wishes yesterday! It was really a fun thing to have announced and was made even better when I got such a warm response. On cloud 9, really.

Definitely feel the need to up my game with the PTI gang. Such a group of ladies. They've been inspiring me for a long time. I'm totally up for the challenge.

I've actually been hoarding quite a number of projects from the last year. You just never know when you need a little blog material. Thought it was long past time I busted this puppy out. Made it this last August for my parents' anniversary. I wasn't in the blog instruction mode, so I don't have how-to pictures of getting the mirror image of the bike from Everyday Button Bits. But I can certainly describe the process. All it takes is a solid square/rectangle rubber stamp. You stamp your image onto the solid image stamp and then stamp that onto your project. Viola! A mirror image. Another tip? To equal the ink intensity on the mirror image, stamp the original stamp on scratch paper before you stamp on your project. That way the saturation of the stamped images match up. Clear as mud?


Stamps by PTI: Everyday Button Bits, Heart Prints, Favor It Weddings, Polka Dot Basics 2, Text Style, sentiment from last year's anniversary set

Perfect Match Cardstock by PTI: Aqua Mist, Enchanted Evening, Pure Poppy

Ink by PTI: Aqua Mist, Enchanted Evening, Pure Poppy

Vintage Buttons: Aqua Mist and Enchanted Evening

Whew...that's a lot. Told you I was a fan!


  1. This is awesome!! Can't wait to attempt this technique.

  2. Love this card! I haven't done that mirror image in a long time---thanks for the reminder! I can't wait to see all your PTI inspiration!

  3. Cute card! Keep um coming Erin.


  4. So happy to see you work on a regular basis again! Cute card. TFS!

  5. Gorgeous card! ....barely had time to look at everyone's fab creations yesterday never mind leave a comment...congrats! :)

  6. Love the card and the technique. Thanks for sharing. Just a quick question...who makes the solid square rectangular stamp?

  7. That bike stamp is super cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very cute card and clear verbal instructions ;)
    I used to know how to do that, but had...forgotten. Good tip about stamping off once too! Thanks!

  9. Hi -
    I have never done this before and I am very interested in trying. I understsand what you are saying...however, where does one get a clear rubber stamp? Could you provide a few examples of what you mean.

    BTW - the card is perfect.

  10. Love your work. Really cute card. Looking forward to those pod casts. What a great idea. Welcome to papertrey.

  11. Where can we get a solid stamp like you suggested? Do you have any links? So cute and a great technique to try.

  12. I was poking around on PTI and saw you linked there!! I am in love with PTI stamps. So glad that you are back in the online world. You have such great ideas!

    Congrats on the DIY project!

  13. I love this card and can't wait to try the mirror image technique. Thanks for the tip!