Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Use for "For My Graduate"

Warning...if you are Heidi Paulus...GO AWAY and DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!:)

OK, back to the regular scheduled programing. Clearly, this card is meant for somebody specific. Have you got Wise Owl sitting in your stamp stack? Need a more whimsical graduation card? Slap the cap on the owl and you've got it covered. Fits perfectly and you can even color coordinate to the belly.

Also teamed up Distressed Stripes with Polka Dot Basics 2. Oh yeah baby. People talk about finding your signature style with card making. I'm going to be using these two together like they are my trademark...and if you like them together too, make them yours as well. Really dig the look. What stamps can you team up to create something that screams you?


Stamps: For the Graduate, Wise Owl, Distressed Stripes, Mixed Messages, Outline Alphabet, Polka Dot Basics II
Cardstock: Kraft and Dark Chocolate
Vintage Buttons: Summer Sunrise and


  1. Erin, this is SO CUTE!!! I love the graduation cap on that cute little owl :) And I love how you combined the dots and stripes on your background, and the colors are FAB! This card ROCKS!

  2. Great card. Love the owl and the dots and everything else.

  3. too cute! I'll take about 10 please!

  4. Love this card and your new trademark!!!

  5. That is super cute! Great idea to put the hat on his head!

  6. Excellent card!! I just love the colors, the stamp combos, the layout...all of it!!!!

  7. Along with being the most enthusiastic and patient mommy I have ever known, you are so creative. (You make paint for Hank and all kinds of activities I would never have let my poor kids make a mess with) This is a great card and "whoo" would have thought to put a cap on that owl! I have cased so many of your cards. Love watching what you make.

  8. Erin... have to say... I think this is one of my all time favorite cards. Like, ever. Seriously.