Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Funny Story and a Card

Thought I'd share with you a little Hank tidbit. Has this particular mama wishing she could keep him two and a half forever...

A little back story. I've always called Hank my "Little Duckling" whenever I want him to follow close on my heels for play or for more pragmatic reasons. I'll call over my shoulder, "Come along Little Duckling. Follow Mama." And he'll obediently waddle along right behind me.

So we're at the playground behind the old school building where Matt attended Kindergarten.  (It's next to the library. The combination of going to both is a nice way to spend the morning. ) There are railroad ties all around the play area and I decide to teach him about balance. I step on up and hold my arms out, pretending I'm waffling and then straighten up a bit. How about some Follow the Leader" the whole way around? I'm about ten feet ahead when I turn around and call, "Come along Little Duckling."

Hank, with his arms more behind his body than out, looks up at me and replies for the first time with an "I'm coming Mama Duck."

OMG. Seriously. Snapshot perfect fill my heart up adorableness. Another one for my "never forget file".

Aside from all that, it is the first time I've noticed him engage in some pretend play. Growing up, our Hank.

Later when we got home and were sitting and eating our lunch, he called Eliza his "Eliza Duck". Quite the little charmer.


In addition to that, how about a card for the day? I sent it to a friend with an awesome recipe inside. She's doing Weight Watchers and it was a total WW meal. And yummy. I looked online to find it, but didn't have any luck. Which you know, was OK. Gave me an excuse to photocopy it and send it in the mail.  If you have the October Martha Stewart Living or access to it, try the Turkey Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash. DELICIOUS. Has me wanting to make it again just thinking about it. And this card had me wanting more Copics. Which I got online and bought. Humpth! Expensive recipe in the end.


Stamps: PTI Friendship Jars and Friendship Jar Fillers
Cardstock: PTI Stamper's Select White, Rustic Cream, Spring Moss, and Ocean Tides
Dies: PTI Jar Label and Envelope Liner Die
Patterned paper: October Afternoon
Copic Markers
Cork paper by Karen Foster
Buttons: PTI Vintage buttons in Harvest Gold, Simply Chartreuse, and Ocean Tides


  1. I am the mommy duck too ...... I say keep it fun always because that is what they will remember. I sing loud walking down the streets of NY and do not care who hears me as long as the little ones are laughing and singing too!!!

    And how about that card ...... YUMMY!!! Love the patchwork feel and the FJ Flowers are so perfect. LOVE the cork....

  2. Oh, that is the sweetest lil' story! Love it and love the card!

  3. Love the story and the card. Little Hank, or I guess now we should be calling him Big Brother Hank must be a RIOT! I loved that age!

    I am closing my eyes, ears, to the copic remark!!! I am trying my best to NOT add these to my huge stack of crafting supplies! Most of which I have to admit go unused!!! But I do soooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE the look...

  4. What a cute story!! It's so fun when they start picking up on things like that!

    When my brother was little and he would get in trouble, my mom would say "Mitchell Robert" he began to associate "Robert" with being in trouble and would often say "Mommy Robert", "Daddy Robert" or even to the dog..."Sandy Robert" when they did something he didn't like!

  5. Cute story!
    And since you mentioned spaghetti squash and I have an abundance of it from the garden, I had to go searching online too. Is this the recipe or remotely close? Either way, I think it just found it's way into the weekend menu. Yum.

  6. Great story, great card.

  7. Melt my heart! Our granddaughter is 16 months old and is beginning to mimic us grown ups quite regularly. I can't wait to hear her talk like Hank! Your card is so very pretty, but even more I love your heart for your friends and family, Erin.

  8. Hope you found to buy your Copic markers! They have the best price I've found and their service is great and fast!

  9. Love reading your cute story. Kids sometimes say the funniest things. I love this age! I alway write these things down. Lovely card. Love the patchwork!

  10. Oh, how I miss having little ones; they keep us "charmed" with their adorable little selves! :D
    Unfortunately, my youngest is 23 now...YIKES! I wish I could go back and do it all over, with the wisdom I have NOW!!!
    Your Hank is just precious, and your card is beautiful! I love what you create. A big hug to your most wonderful creation, Hank! :D

  11. A really cute card and I love how you highlighted a part of the jar. What a great idea!

    Love the Hank story. It even made me a bit misty. Yep, I do wish they could stay 18 mo - 3 just a bit longer. Love that age.

  12. Your Hank story is just too, TOO precious! Loved that!
    As for Copics, I found is the least expensive around, especially once you sign in. And they ship same day almost always.

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