Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Papertrey

Just posting and commenting on my projects over here. Everything except for my  "On Ice" card. The friend who will be receiving that checks the blog. Got to let it be a surprise in the mail come her birthday.:)

So...Holly Jolly. Can I just say the Leaf ZING! embossing powder is a very nice match to Simply Chartreuse? I might have said that already, come to think about it. Aw,'s worth repeating. Of course on my dream wish list, I'd love PTI to come out with matching embossing powders. I know of no plans nor put any pressure on them to do so...just dreaming over here.

YOF: Marigolds. This one got out of hand with the coloring.  Couldn't help myself. My mom's always got marigolds in flower pots, so that's where mine went.

Friendship Jar Holiday Fillers. Who says you can't add an extra stripe onto that candy cane?

Holiday Sparkle. So in love with Blueberry Sky. The perfect blue. And it looks FANTASTIC with Enchanted Evening.

Journaling Circles by Heather. I found this picture of myself and my mom  in a folder a few weeks ago. I always felt my mom's expression conveyed a world of meaning. But that was before I had kids. Now I just get it. And so, I wanted to frame it and put it in our nursery. Just a little reminder to myself that this job called motherhood is something I always want to appreciate.

It's an IKEA frame. Stamped and Copic'ed right on the mat. Turned out well and matches some of the other decor in the room that I've used Spring Moss and Aqua Mist on. Works nicely that way.

OK. Thanks for stopping by and all the nice comments during release week. Always a thrill to check the email and read the excitement on the boards.


  1. These are all so amazing, Erin! But that picture is SUCH a treasure, WOW! Love how you stamped on the mat! Love the ornament O for Joy, toooo!

  2. Erin- I've just recently found your blog, but I think you're brilliant! I just love your style and appreciate your attention to detail! I don't know how you do it with 2 little ones. Lovely work -- thanks for sharing!

  3. As always....lovely art to ogle! AND wonderful commentary. Sigh! "How do you do it?" she asks quizzickly (spelling). Knowing you have a small munchkin and a newborn, how do you get it all done....and with a sense of humor. I am so impressed!

  4. My gosh, Erin. How am I supposed to restrain myself and my poor pocketbook with projects like these! I love the framed pic of your mom and you. What a great reminder of parenthood and I just love that sentiment. Thanks for so many great ideas. I love the way you think outside the box!

  5. Where to start?!! I love all of it Erin! I think my favorite though is the marigold card. Outstanding!!!

  6. All of the cards are great! Can you please share how you made the marigold card? I love the pot and flowers. Thanks!

  7. love the coloring on the marigold card! i'm just starting with my copic markers... big images scare me. your coloring looks amazing!

  8. the marigold card is awesome!