Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Post... like the Target Halloween aisle on Nov 1st. Great bargains on Halloween stuff, but you've got to wait awhile to be able to use them. Only the ideas are free over here and you could probably use them come Christmas time instead of waiting for Halloween next year.

Ah, well. Best laid plans for posting go out the window when you've got a lot to do. But I thought I'd put up these little treat boxes tonight. Pretty basic to be honest. Using PTI's  Favor It 2 box in Halloween Prints paper, Mat Stack 4, Tiny Treats Halloween, and 2009 Halloween Tags as they are intended. Not a lot of creative energy burned coming up with them. But when it comes down to making a large number of little goodies, got to cut yourself some slack, right?

The take away ideas are as follows: Make your own custom mix of loose candy. Works for absolutely any holiday or event.  I've done this before and loved it. This time I used M&M's, Kisses, Brach's Autumn Mix, and Smores Candy Corn from Target. Put it all in a bowl, mix it up, and fill up those treat bags. More fun if you've got yourself a little assistant who likes to snatch candy.

Second idea: Wrapped them up in cellophane bags from Michael's and PTI ribbon in pretty colors. Helps keep all that candy in place.

Hope you all had a spookacular night! I made what is going to be our traditional Halloween dinner for the first time tonight. I recommend this recipe for pureed butternut squash soup from Food Network Magazine. Even made the pumpkin bowls. Wasn't like eating baby food at all:).

Off to watch Dexter. Can't think of a better way to spend the rest of the evening.


  1. I love watching Dexter...and Halloween. Watched older episodes all afternoon on Halloween and made cards.More fun than one girl deserves.

  2. These are ADORABLE!! What lucky recipients!

  3.'am, didn't you just have a baby not too long ago?? I'd never know by looking at you!! You look GREAT!!!!