Monday, January 3, 2011

A Sassy Little Valentine

Go ahead, I dare you to make it and put it in your husband's briefcase:).


Stamps: Tea for Two, and Tea for Two Additions, Heart Prints, Sweet Love, It's Official
Dies: Teapot, Teacup, Notebook Page
Ink: True Black and Pure Poppy
Ribbon: True Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon


  1. I just might have to get all my stuff out of storage to copy your card...

    I LOVE IT!!

  2. Oh my! I'm meeting some friends for a holiday tea this Sunday, so I'm working on card sets for gifts using Tea for Two & additions. I wanted to do 6 card designs and was running out of ideas. I may have to include this one for fun. Thanks Erin!

  3. Cute card, Erin, love the sentiment! Briefcase? about his briefs drawer?!!

  4. this is so adorable! i should be doing a ton of other things, but i'm going to take you up on that and make this card. thanks for sharing.

  5. Cheeky and cute, might have to consider this...hmmm... ;-)

  6. Your card is adorable!

  7. Just an adorable little card.
    My hubby would so love it.

    Leslee in MT

  8. OMG that is wonderful! Great card!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. It is sassy, but it's totally delicious as well. Really beautiful card, I just love it. PS: If he says tea I'll smack him, lol...