Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiny Tags

ETA: Sorry Ladies! For some reason, my blog scheduling didn't work at midnight. Here it is now. 

Busy, busy, busy little bees we all are this month over at Papertrey. The 14th is the day we post our last projects and take a breather after a week or so of creative work. Myself, personally, would like to sit back with my favorite wine (Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling) and toast to a job well done. But, you know, there's that whole being a good parent thing. Might have to take precedence. HA! Well, I can dream about it, can't I?

Speaking of wine, my project tonight revolves around a little gift for our oenophile friends.  (For the record, I had to look that big word up). I know when I have family parties we all spend the evening asking each other, "Is this your glass or mine"? Putting an end to that with the Tiny Tags set. You might see paper crafting delight, I see a bottomless jar of wine charms. Worth the price right there.

I used the Lunch Box Note die to create my little holder. You can find the wine charm rings at your local craft store or online for pretty cheap. Or maybe make your own? Just wire after all. Sewed the charms into a length of Aqua Mist Satin Ribbon and wrapped that around my note. Topped with a Doilie Details cut and a new Angled Label.  For the tags themselves, the stamped images are the perfect place to write somebody's name.

After the night is over, just toss the tags in the trash. You'll have plenty of extras in the cute jar filled to the brim with them. The Tiny Tags die cuts ten tags at a time, so you can make short work of filling this up. I like the extra special touch of cutting them out of patterned paper. Just stamp on the white (plain) side.

Use the new Label Basics and Papertrey adhesive label sheets to make labels for the jar. Looks like something you might find at Williams-Sonoma, doesn't it?  Nobody needs to know it's a $1 jar from Joann's and some left over scrap patterned paper.

 That's it for me. Stop by on the 15th to see the rest of my projects this month. I've got something fun up my sleeve concerning Impression Plates. Made a bit of a discovery and I can't wait to share. And don't forget to check out the rest of the Tiny Tags projects from the girls. They always amaze me!

Nichole Heady
Jessica Witty
Betsy Veldman
Dawn McVey
Heather Nichols
Lisa Johnson
Melissa Phillips
Michelle Wooderson
Maile Belles
Danielle Flanders

Stamps: Tiny Tags, All About You, Tag Its #2, Label Basics, Background Basics: Gingham
Cardstock: Ocean Tides, Stamper's Select White
Dies: Doilie Details, Angled Label, Lunchbox Note Die, Tiny Tag Collection
Ribbon: Aqua Mist Satin
Other: White Adhesive Sheets
Patterned Paper: Ledger, Spotty Dotty, Pretty Pastels


  1. Your project is perfect! It was the first thing I thought of when I saw how small the tags were...and how easily you can die cut out a whole bunch. I will definitely be ordering this tonight...

  2. Seriously - I am swooning over these and I don't even drink wine!! (But I have friends who do, and this would make a perfect gift!)

  3. Erin, what a wonderful ensemble! I love the idea for host/hostess gifts and such. You're extremely clever, creative, and inspirational all rolled into one! :)

    Oh... and just an FYI: Some of your readers aren't ladies. ;)

  4. Not much a wine drinker either, but those tags are adorable. We do drink our tea out of water goblets and those tags would be great for our get togethers since we, too, are constantly asking "is this your glass?"

  5. What a fun project and it turned out lovely.

  6. Erin - this is fantastic project! As a wine lover I think this is great. Wasn't 100% sure about this set but you have converted me! Thanks (?!) for enabling! Nicole

  7. Erin -

    What a smart idea! What an awesome idea as a gift for someone as well as yourself!

    Elaine Allen

  8. Oh so cute lunch box note with wine tags! Would make a great "any occasion" gift tag, tuck-in note, sweet litle card for someone, etc. I like it! :)

  9. Your wine charm idea has given me my Christmas gift for this year, if I start now I might get them done by then lol

  10. I tried to find your post around 12:30 am and decided that true to the name of your blog, Procrastination Station, you had been delayed in getting it posted. I'm glad I remembered to come back because I love your idea, and appreciate your tips of using the patterned paper, and filling the jar with the tags so you don't run out during your party. Nice creative idea!

  11. Amazing, and a great idea. When my grandkids come, they can't remember which cup they used!

  12. I LOVE this idea, Erin! My sister does wine tasting parties several times a year and this would be a great gift for her :)

  13. Leave it to you, I LOVE this are amazing. :o)

  14. What a terrific idea! This would be great for any party with a goblet for place cards, too. What fun!

  15. This is so lovely! What a fabulous idea and you could make them in any color you want, fitting the occasion of the party you are having, love it!! Great, great, great idea! And makes it so lovely personal!
    Hugs, Wendy

  16. Erin Lincoln - you're blog should come with a warning. "Reading this will cause you to buy things you didn't think you wanted!" Great project. Off to rework my wish list...again!

  17. Seriously, Erin, you rock!! :) What an amazingly clever idea to share with all of us, thanks for the inspiration!!

  18. This is a fabulous idea, Erin! Such a cute holder you made as well.

  19. Well, you have given me a go-to hostess/birthday/just because gift idea, haven't you? I love it and will make a million or so of these. Thank's so much!!! :)

  20. perfect!! i know just the right friend of mine who would love this!!