Friday, July 22, 2011

July Papertrey

....let's post these before the month gets away from me.

Peaceful Garden. I was sitting in a dark movie theater watching Cars 2 with Hank when inspiration struck. Mater and Lightening McQueen where in Japan and in the background of one of the scenes was bamboo against a circle. Eureka! You just never know when inspiration will strike.

Friendship Jar Summer Fillers and Little Labels. Remember that movie (speaking of movies) with Diane Keaton. Baby Boom? Didn't she start a cottage business making organic, gourmet baby food and packaging them up in mason jars? That little memory was all it took on this card.

Tag-its #6. Just playing around with die cut layers. So many possiblities.

Hanging Out with little soccer jerseys. Getting a little help from Have a Ball.

Sweet As Can Be. So love this set. Used Half & Half to make an interactive card.

Why have one scoop for your birthday when you can have a gazillion? Notice how the sentiment seems to flow between the two layers too.

Congrats All Ways. Playing with die cutting those Half & Half dies and the different ways you can use the stamps. The two symmetrical birds from Happy Trails reinforce the theme.

Background Basics: Vine. Some tricky stamping here with masking/selective inking. But I had a vision and had to see it through. Sometimes I wish such inspiration would dislodge itself a little more easily from my brain. But no, like a dog on a bone some days.

Thanks for stopping by and all the nice comments you've left over the last few weeks. :)


  1. These are all wonderful Erin! I am just loving the ice-cream cone card...too much fun!!! I'm on ice-cream like that dog on a bone LOL!!!

  2. Wow - so many stunners here! I kept scrolling and it kept getting better ;)
    That ice-cream idea is genius!
    Have a lovely weekend, Rx

  3. Oh my goodness, Eric. My jaw dropped when I saw the ice cream cone card. Amazing! I SO wish you were here in Cincinnati for the weekend!

  4. Wowwww!! I'm fascinated with all these cards. They are amazing! Love all of them! :)

  5. I love your ice cream cone card too!! What stamp set did the wish big come from? I have looked high and low for it to no avail. Thanks

  6. LOVE the ice cream - so fab! Loved Cars 2 too :o)

  7. WOW Erin!! Somehow I missed this post of yours earlier, but I'm going to bookmark it to come back to: so many wonderful and fun ideas!!! Thanks for the fun and inspiration :-)

  8. All of your projects are DIVINE. ;) I love love love those baby jars the best.