Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh La La!

I partake in the occasional bodice ripper romance novel. More like I have streaks where I devour (must use proper romance novel language...cover thy virgin ears if you've got 'em) about six of them before putting them aside for long stretches, in favor of more serious fare. I happen to be in the throes of one such binge. It's happy reading for me. Potato chip reading. And if you hit upon a good author, very funny reading as well.

My girlfriend is in need of a good read. So I'm going to help her out. Give her something pretty saucy for the hot summer nights. (Weather people...the humidity is a killer here in MD.) Thought it might be fun to throw in a sexy bookmark as well for a laugh. Although sexy is not usually a descriptive word I would use for such an item. But it sure is fun trying to come up with something that qualifies. Just happen to have some new Unity Stamps that need inking up. They have, with this one project, completely justified the purchase. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Now see both sides of them, so decorate both sides. Just an additional excuse for stamping.

Things I learned with this project (because I always learn something):

1. Copic Markers R000, R01, and R02 are just lovely.
2. Use Copics to color vellum border and silk ribbon.
3. When stitching a double sided item, stitch two of the same thing and then adhere together sandwich style with adhesive. The stitching on the back looks a little shoddy.
4. Double sided bookmarks are the way to go.
5. Lingerie stamps are fun.
6. On the fence whether or not I like the tri-dot accents. 

Book-wise...if you are a lover of the bodice ripper like me..Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series. Yes, another thing about romances that I LOVE is the stories come in serial. Makes the fun last longer. First on is The Duke and I.  Lives up to all those good reviews on Amazon. A gold standard. If only they were all so good.


Stamps: Unity Stamps (lingerie), PTI All Booked Up and Out of this World (little tri-dot accent).
Dies: Bookmark and Tea for Two Label
Vellum and Silk Ribbon from PTI
Melon Berry Cardstock
Martha Stewart border punch (cut down the middle so I could have trim on both sides)


  1. LOL! Your post made my day! I hate to admit to reading said bodice rippers (it has been a good while since doing so) and Julia Quinn is one of the best I have to agree! LOVE this bookmark! Your friend will have to want to keep reading just so she can use this awesome project!

  2. Fabulous! LOL I've read the Bridgerton series and enjoyed it. I only want to read fluff and books whose covers embarrass me in public these days. I don't want anything thought provoking and if the word 'wench' is thrown around or vikings are involved, well, that's even better! ;) I got into historical romances several years ago when a co-worker kept telling me to read a Kathleen Woodiwiss book and I kept turning my nose up at her because I was too good for a romance novel let alone a historical romance. Obviously, I finally read the stupid book and it turned out to be freaking awesome.

  3. Oh, you're making me want to dig into my absurd number of bodice rippers again. I've got all kinds, the good, the bad & the "how did this get published?" I love Julia Quinn! The bookmark is perfect and such a good idea. I just loaned a book to a friend. Maybe I should follow up with a bookmark!

  4. Love the bookmark. And literary junk food. Thanks for the Julia Quinn recommendation.

  5. Love it Erin, such fun. That's how I read those romances, after afew it just feels like I have overdone it abit.

  6. Love this. I too enjoy bodice rippers. Stress-free reading for stess filled days. Thanks for the cute project and the book recommendation.

  7. Hi, I am listening to the podcast and wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the book mark. Have a great day!

  8. LOVE this bookmark!! Happy birthday too... I remember a post where you said you were a July 4th 'baby'... so was my mom. She would have been 70 on Monday :). Hope your day is awesome!

  9. So cute! I love Julia Quinn. I have read every single book and they are all wonderful.

  10. Happy Birthday Erin! I enjoy Papertrey Radio and was thrilled to here my voicemail on Episode 11. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

  11. Not much of a romance reader myself but that bookmark rocks! Thanks for the tips and I like the tri dots accents! :)

  12. Oh goodness how adorable!

  13. Love the bookmark! I enjoy bodice rippers too - great for relaxing after stressing days. I have just recently discovered Julia Quinn and find I am now having to read the Bridgerton series - so am working through my local library's collection!

  14. This is so cute! And I love the tri-dot accents. Great job on this naughty little project.