Thursday, August 11, 2011

Halloween Treats & Sweets

Surprise! It's an early countdown Group Post. Gotcha keep you on your toes and guessing. Never know what we might be up to at Papertrey Ink.

Tonight we are featuring Heather's Halloween Sweets and Treats set. If you like dies and customization, this is the Halloween set for you. Crazy fun stuff. Almost (just almost) makes me wish it was October already so I could put it to use some more.

For my project today, I decided to make some Halloween Push-Up Pop parfaits using brownies, Cool Whip, and Reese's Pieces. Have you seen some of the desserts on the internet using Push-Up Pops? Do a Google image search and you'll see what I mean.  I got a Betty Crocker 4th of July recipe email back in July that featured red and blue mini-cupcakes and Cool Whip in the containers. I think it was a grand total of two minutes before I was on the hunt for my own.

You can by all means buy some Push-Up Pops and wash/reuse the containers, but I was not that hungry. Plus, I wanted some with lids and I wasn't sure I could get those in the freezer section of the grocery store. I found--and splurged--on some at Amazon. Let me walk you through the conversation I had with my husband when I served him these delicious and fun parfaits the other night...

Matt: So, how much did these cost a piece? Two bucks?

Me: Oh no. Nothing like that. They were cheap. Worked out to like seventy cents a piece including shipping. And supposedly they are reusable. 

Matt: That's nothing. No big deal. Kinda fun.

Me: Yeah, I thought so. Guess you don't mind that I had to buy a hundred of them then. 

HA HA HA! We had a good laugh at the expression on his face. But seriously...they are reusable. I've been running them through the dishwasher. And I justified the 100 count knowing that I would use them for gifts. A bit of a splurge like I said, but seriously fun.

I did find smaller quantities here if you are interested, but they do work out to be a little bit more per pop

Back to stamping--I thought the little jack-o-lantern bucket made a cute tag. I tied the stick to the pop (for easy loading and delivery) with Baker's twine and hung my spider pumpkin off of it. I pulled out an oldie but still a goodie Spooky Sweets  to stamp an Avery label. The sentiment is new from Heather's set this month.

Just a view of what's in the pops. I baked a tray of brownies and used the open end of the pop like a cookie cutter to cut perfect brownie coins. Layered with Cool Whip and conveniently colored Reese's Pieces.  I have a few extra kids in my house--both them and my two were thrilled to eat these for dessert one night. I like that they are portion controlled. Once you're done, you're done.

Other thoughts for Push-Ups:

1. Layered jell-o
2. Homemade ice cream/sorbet layered with toppings. So going to do this.
3. Fill the pops with candy and leave off the stick.
4. Cupcakes and frosting
5. Cupcakes and ice cream toppings. We did this and it was delicious.
6. Frozen slushie cocktails/Jell-o shots for adults. YUM!

Now, how about a card using more of those fabulous dies? I thought the spider legs might team up nicely with the 1.75" Limitless Layers and PTI's collection of circle stamps. I busted out my 2010 Halloween Tags for this project. I'd imagine that you can play around with all the other accessories (bat wings, cat ears) to make other neat 1.75" inch circle projects.

Hope you are inspired...and totally understand why I had to buy 100 of them:). I'm in good company, right? Just too cute to resist.

Make sure you stop by the blogs of the other PTI girls to see what things they are up to using this set. I'm guessing we'll have all your Halloween ideas locked up tonight:). Be back soon with more PTI goodness this month.

Nichole Heady
Jessica Witty
Betsy Veldman
Dawn McVey
Heather Nichols
Lisa Johnson
Melissa Phillips
Michelle Wooderson
Maile Belles
Danielle Flanders


Push Ups
Stamps: Halloween Sweets and Treats, Spooky Sweets
Ink: Summer Sunrise, Orange Zest
Avery Labels
Dies: Halloween Sweets and Treats
Dark Chocolate Baker's Twine

Stamps: Halloween Sweets and Treats, 2010 Halloween Tags
Cardstock: Simply Chartreuse, Summer Sunrise, Smokey Shadow, Orange Zest
Patterned paper: Halloween Prints
Dies: 1.75" Limitless Layers, Mega Halloween Sweets and Treats, Edgers #1
Orange Zest button


  1. This looks amazing, Erin! the colors are perfect and love those spider legs, make it look so funny scary! Love the cute white teeth there!! Perfect!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  2. These are perfect!!!
    And yes...$70...totally justifiable...
    you won't run out and the $.70 apiece...
    perfect for classroom gifts! :)
    Imagine 20 faces looking at you thinking...
    "This Mom rocks" when you walk into a classroom carrying a tray of these...
    you're a hero! :)
    But got the same BC e-mail...
    I save all of them because they have fabby recipes...
    yummy! :)

  3. I love your outta-the-blue creativity! I didn't even know push pops existed (except the ones in the frozen section at the grocery) I guess I know now what special treat my grandson and his friends will be getting for Halloween this year.....and for whatever else the future holds!

  4. Wow, so clever. These are so cute. And your conversation with your DH is a hoot. :)


    I have said this for YEARS (going back to CKMB) that I love love love your creative brain. I wish I lived by you so I could just pop in and say HI and see what you were creating....

    Great - now I SOOOOOOO want to go buy these things. but I don't think my hubby would be so understanding.

    PS: Not sure WHY but I can never EVER post a comment to you using my google account. So I am crossing my fingers this will go through as anonymous

  6. Too funny,100.... that's only 10 times 10. And you will use them up really fast with the holidays barreling down upon us. Very cute treats Erin

  7. Love these!!! Oh my goodness, need to buy some of the pop ups!

  8. Love the way you tied the cute danglies on with bakers twine! And I enjoyed your parfait cup story!

  9. Your push-up pops are priceless, even though you spent 70 cents/each for 100. I'll bet they tasted as good as they look ~ yummy! Also, your card is adorable.

  10. ha! love the conversation with your husband. You're push pops are just too fun!

  11. Will you be my Mom? So cute pushup pops...such a clever lady! Priceless conversation with your hubby.

  12. omg Erin, these are so CUTE, you always come up with the most clever ideas (and make me want to spend money in the process lol!) Awesome work girlie!

  13. I like the labels on your brownie push-ups! What a funny story, too! :) Your spidey card with the polka dot stamped word bg is soooo cute. :)

  14. Erin, I am new to your blog, love the card you made for Kerri's blog. She is one of my favorites for kits. I will be checking back often now on yours. It would be great to be a winner.

  15. LOL!!! Love the conversation with your husband, I really was laughing out loud and my 4 year old wants to know what I am laughing about :>)
    These are sooooo fun!!! I am going to have to check these out because I LOVE the idea of school treats and with 3 kids 100 would be used up quite quickly.