Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween with a little help from the Hankster

Thought I would share my Halloween treat for friends and family. Something I put together with the help of my favorite little guy. (Excuse me...big guy....he's getting a mite particular about being called a big boy at the age of 3 1/2.)

Like last year, I decided to go with a custom snack mix. I recently found the holy grail of bulk food places in Hagerstown, MD (for those of you who might be local). It's the Pennsylvania Dutch Market run entirely by Mennonites. The selection is unrivaled. You can get just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal in bulk!!!! Like seriously. My mind is a'whirl with what I can do with those. They've got to figure into my St. Patty's Day plans some how. Also, Kraft Mac and Cheese powder, chocolate graham pretzels, jello powder, and even...insert the singing of angels here...the wafers for ice cream sandwiches, just like the ones you buy in the store. I make my own ice cream, so this is big doings for me.  Lots of unusual seasonal items too. HEAVEN.

For my mix this year, I got some Halloween nonpareil chocolate drops, mini Buckeyes, marshmallow pumpkins, pretzel balls, and caramel puffs. Delicious. Toss everything in a big bowl and hand a three year old a scoop and tell him to mix it up. Practice due diligence that he doesn't eat it all.

Hank also played a major role in making these snack bags for our concoction. He pushed the button on my Big Shot for all the die cutting, liked poking the holes out of the Front and Center die cuts, stamped everything (with Mama's help), and applied glue to all the pieces. Kept us busy during our snow storm (like ridiculous was that?). I adhered the candy sticks to the front with some Scor-Tape.

And just to show you how handy this Front and Center die is, I used the foldable coffee bags that PTI carries. I went head and folded them down before adding the bag front/backs. And a little adhesive at the top of the handle keeps it closed. Sweet. A fun project to do with a child.

Hope you bust out the supplies to craft with your little ones. :) It's a lot of fun, good quality family time--I recommend it.

And with that, we'd just like to wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween! The Lincoln kids (with their snow gear on) are all set to go out tonight and bag themselves some candy. Good thing I got out the day before Snowtober and got this photo of them. :)

Supplies by PTI

Stamp sets: Halloween Sweets & Treats, Spooky Sweets I and II
Dies: Picket Fence, Halloween Sweets & Treats Mini Collection, Front and Center 1
Large Kraft Coffee Bags


  1. Oh my gosh Erin! You're babies are not so baby like anymore :( Since my little gal is right behind Hank...that makes me a little sad.

  2. Love your bags so cute. You always have the most creative ideas. Love the photo of your kids. They are growing up so fast. Wishing you and your family and a Happy and Safe Halloween.

  3. Adorable bags and oh so adorable children. Love the pic on the steps. Happy Halloween. Stay warm. :)

  4. What a small world! My parents live 10 minutes from the Dutch Market in Hagerstown. We try to visit when we are in town--the open-face turkey sandwiches are the best!

  5. Erin-I did not know where you were located. I work in Hagerstown, I was born and raised in Hagerstown and just moved back to the area after 25 years - small world. I love the Dutch Market, the spices, the gummi candy, OH HOLY COW!! I did not know that such a talent was so close

  6. LOVE THIS, Erin. I love your creative brain. As soon as I finished reading your blog I was googling looking for someplace in my area like the Dutch Market (we are very sheltered here in MN). No luck so far - several co ops but I don't think they have bulk candy - BUMMER.
    I have a second PTI order for this realease waiting paitiently for the dies to be back in stock - all because of you - you make these PTI items IRRESISTABLE. :)
    Have you gotten the Silhouette Cameo yet? I can't wait to see what you rock out with that baby.

  7. hi Erin, just stumbled on your blog and podcasts. :) wondering when your next PTI radio episode will be?

  8. Hi Erin, I am not sure if you posted this somewhere already but I am curious when the next PTI Radio podcast will be? I have been listening since the beginning and look forward to them!! You're doing a great job!!

    Thanks and have a great day!!

  9. I'm here also to ask when the next PTI Radio podcast will be? I really look forward to them...thanks!

  10. Do they ship?!! they?

    Love your PTI posts. You are a fantastic part of the team.