Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Just Can't Help Myself

I've got quite a few irons in the fire this week and next between the anniversary activities, tax season, Valentine's Day, and Hank's 4th (!!!!!) birthday. I also have a belated homemade wedding gift that is finally and at last completely done. Huge thing to cross off my to-do list.  I want to get that in the mail this week too.

Of course, there needs to be a homemade card in there as well. Just whipped this up. I say that all cavalier, like I didn't sweat over it for 60 minutes when I should have been doing something else.  I'm super thrilled with how it turned out. Lots of soft colors and symbolism on it--the wedding date, the location, a jar of sand and shells. The bride and groom got married on the beach and used shells to pick up sand and pour it into a jar that they brought home during the ceremony.

It was a bit ridiculous the number of stamp sets I used here. If you got them, use them, I say. I always get a little alarmed when I see threads on the PTI forum talking about selling sets. You don't want to do that!!! They'll come in handy one day. Just think of them as building your collection. And then you can use a little bit of this one and a little bit of that one when creating cards. You just can't predict what you are going to need in the future, so keeps those treasures on a shelf for a rainy day.


Stamps: Road Map, Celebrations, Happily Ever After, Friendship Jar, Friendship Jar Summer Fillers, Postmarks, Love & Marriage, Calendar Basics, Take Note, Make a Wish Additions (I think that's it!)
Dies: Friendship Jar Collection, Postage, Heart Prints
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White, Lemon Tart, Aqua Mist
Jute Button Twine


  1. Oh Erin, this is beautiful! I love every little element, and the way you laid them all out is perfect :) It is vintage postcardish, and I love that you recommend NOT selling your sets! I'm on that boat, too LOL

  2. Erin, this card is so awesome! I love the variety of stamps you incorporated into the design. It turned out so great!

  3. Beautiful card! And I'm with you on stamp sets (and for me Cricut cartridges too). Sometimes I have to think about a project for weeks before I make it.

  4. Fabulous card, Erin!!! I love the hodgepodge of elements that all work together so well to make the perfect card! I agree with the selling of sets! Sometimes I think about the extra $$ for new goodies, but I always feel like I might need something from it one day!

  5. Great wedding card that Im sure the bride and groom will treasure cuz' you put so much thought into it! So cute to include the shells in a jar image!

    I just did a purge of my supplies and have a stack of unloved sets that I put aside but I can't bring myself to list them of the board for sale. What if I need em'? I sold off my Heart Prints set last year and boy did I regret it last month while I was trying to make a grown up Valentine's card, lol!! You are absolutely right that I need to keep those treasures for a rainy day. Only thing...I also need to fund my stamping addiction, lol!!!

  6. Pretty card, sounds perfect for the Bride and Groom. I agree, don't get rid of your stamp sets, especially PTI's!

  7. This would be beautiful even if it wasn't so meaningful, but because it is so meaningful it is an absolute treasure. And I to thank you for your creativity (and humor). You inspire me to look at stamps differently. I was thinking of you and what you said about using " a little bit of this one and a little bit of that one" when I built the bear for this card
    not to mention I was playing along with my 1st make it monday challenge. Thanks again!

  8. Cards layout is perfect,and that small jar and hearts are so pretty.

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