Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papertrey & Pinterest

Pinterest, Pinterest, I love thee? To the depth of my soul, my computer time belongs to you. And it seems I am not the only one. I saw an article on CNN Online on you (a sign that you've hit it big time) and my husband comes home everyday with stories from people who are talking about you. In a tax office, so something good must be going on to be a topic of conversation in that harsh environment.

And now, Papertrey has opened an account and has started uploading project files into organized boards. Finding inspiration has never been easier. Whether you are going right from the source (the Papertrey Boards) or working off an inspiration piece, Pinterest means your crafting life has never been easier or more fun. Let me show you what I mean.

I had two pins on different boards that I used for our inspiration challenge.

The first was color (btw, I'm dying to try macaroons like this).

And the second was design.

And this is what I came up with. All the fun of creating, none of the frustration that comes with hitting the brick wall of the uninspired. Heck, I came up with this at 10 PM after a day with the kids. I put on a little Netflix, shut the door to the world, and had some time to myself. It was wonderful!

Why do I really like Pinterest? It is a way to live an inspired life.  I resisted it for a long time, despite the rave reviews and over the top gushing of my friends. I finally just jumped in feet first and life around the Lincoln household has not been the same since. I heard Pinterest described as "fantasy football for chicks". I think that pretty much nails it. So much inspiration in one place. And I'm not just talking about papercrafting. It's a lifestyle makeover. I cook off Pinterest, I decorate off Pinterest, I organize purchases on Pinterest. But probably my absolute favorite is my board of fun kid ideas. This time of year, I'm at my wit's end for entertaining the kids inside. Pinterest to the rescue. The most frequently heard request from Hank around here is, "Can I do a project?" He just doesn't realize that all my project ideas come off Pinterest! We've got very happy and creative kids and a chilled and relaxed mama around these here parts as we "project" the winter away. Hank will tell you he loves his mama "because she does art projects all the time with me." Melt my heart, you know!  I like to think I'm a creative person and the gift of creative play is one I love passing on to my children--I've got Pinterest to thank for that on an almost daily basis. 

Just a few of our activities:

Salad Spinner Art

The Ubiquitous Crayon Melt Canvas (if you are on Pinterest, you have seen this a million times)

Light board play. Although I can't recommend the Squishy Baff. I'm very mess tolerant and this stuff had me running for the hills. Maybe outside this summer I can use up the rest. 

And toddler finger painting. I should have given her yellow paint as well so she looked more like a hot dog than a crime scene from Dexter. Side note: I tossed her in the shower with her brother. Gave him a wash cloth and a bar of soap. She came out clean. I didn't have to do a thing! YAY!

So go on, jump on in. Be inspired. All the time. With everything. Never mind the laundry that is piling up, you wouldn't be doing that anyway. Perhaps a laundry room remodel will inspire you to be more productive? You just never know! You can start today with our Pinterest inspiration challenge. All the details on Nichole's blog. Happy pinning.


Stamps: Wise Owl
Cardstock: Berry Sorbert, Plum Pudding, Harvest Gold, Sweet Blush
Plum Pudding Topnotch Twill and Berry Sorbert Saddle Stitch
Block Alphabet dies


  1. Oooh, Erin! I love your card! And I love how you took the inspiration from that wall hanging and made it into your own card! I have had something similar I've seen a million times on in my head and just may have to turn into a card! And that last picture? ADORABLE! I just love the look on her face!

  2. Lovely card. Chuckle of the day, though, was from your toddler finger painting photo. Reminds me of the day many years ago when I discovered something floating in the bathtub with two of my kids. Couldn't figure out what is was until I happened to glance at the ceiling and noticed something unusual up there as well. Finally dawned on me that they had taken a bag of cotton balls in the water with them and were throwing them at the ceiling...lovely collage going on up there! (reminded me of my college days when immature kids through butter pats on the ceiling of the cafeteria). The most precious part was two sets of big round eyes looking at me. I think they thought I was going to yell, but I collapsed in a heap of laughter. Not sure why I never thought of doing the same thing myself. Fondest kid memory ever.

  3. "A crime scene from Dexter." LOLOLOL SO funny! Oh, and I LOVE your cards! =D

  4. Love this card! Thank you for including your pinterest links. My daughter will love you too!

  5. that last photo of your paint-covered daughter had me giggling out loud... to the point where I had to show my kids what was so funny ;) Love the card you created!

  6. Very cute photo's and super card!

  7. LOL, I love it! Your son's crayon melt is incredible, I really wondered if it "could be done". He did a great job! I loved reading your descriptions,Erin. ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, Erin, you are a total Doll!! (Which means that you are the best mom, and your pics are a hoot!!! ) I'm going to show my 18 yr old the pics of your kids: she has always loved kids, and she'll love the toddler finger painting for sure :-D And I love your comments about the crime scene look-alike :-) And not to leave out the card: I LOVE it and am going to try it too! Thanks for the inspiration and the fun read!!

  9. OMGosh, Erin..."crime scene from Dexter"...omgosh. Best line ever! I love how you used the print and color scheme as inspiration - I love Design Seeds' photos and color combos. Have a ton of them pinned. And even tho' I have kids I have not seen the melted crayon canvas. Looks like something my kids would totally get to get sucked into the Pintrest vortex looking for deets!! :)

  10. Looooove your card and also the inspiration photo! Perfect for the boy birthday card I had to make! So, I chose your alphabet Pinterest photo for inspiration for my card! If you're curious you can see it here:
    You have been going strong with your cards here in the anniversary week! Love them all! So pretty!!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  11. While I can see why the Squishy Baff stuff would be best in the summer time, I absolutely loved the photo of your kids playing with it, their absolutely engrossed expressions (especially Eliza's) and the way they are lit from below. Very cool. And I did also like the Dexter line, but also how you got Hank to do the cleaning for you!

  12.!!!! Love all the pix of your kids and the "dexter" comment - that's exactly what she looks like! Too funny.

  13. Oh my goodness you make me giggle! Love the precious photos of your little the great kid friendly ideas! And I like the fantasy football analogy too! :) Jill

  14. I wish Pinterest had been around when my daughter was young. BTW have you seen the drive-in movie one with cardboard boxes for cars? Makes movie night look even more fun. I think a box could be attached to the side for popcorn or other snacks like the old car trays.

    But for the record, you really are creative, Pinterest or no :D