Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Story About... little boy
...his sleep derived mama
...5:00 AM
...and a homemade card

Here's the card in question:

I think I've mentioned before that I make Hank (and eventually Eliza and Sully when they are old enough to appreciate them) cards and little goodies that I place on the bedside tables at night. Just for a fun surprise when they wake up. It's not often, just one time a month maybe. (Although this little practice seems to justify all sorts of stamping purchases way out of proportion to how often I actually do it.)

I need to find three little matching boxes to start filing away all the goodies so they can take a box of mama love with them when they leave the nest. .That's the plan anyway. I have lots of plans...not so much time it seems...HA!

Hank had a quick burning fever the other day. Also happened to be the day I got Little Hot Rod and Fabulous Frames in the mail. Twist my arm to make him a get well card. Left it with him the last time I was in to check on him for the night. 

Now, I'm a nursing mama with a five week old baby. Ya'll can imagine the vast quantities of uninterrupted sleep I'm getting right now. And my first born son? Well...he is an early riser. He might as well sit on the back fence and crow at  the rising sun every morning. 

Usually Daddy deals with all that, being a bit of an early bird himself.

Hank wakes up at 5 AM, sees his card, and decides it is a good day to get me up first. And so, somewhere through the haze I hear, "Mommy, what does this say?"

All I understand because I'm basically comatose, is that 1) It is night time, 2) Hank is out of bed, and 3)He's asking me to read something. I was not making the connection in my sleep addled brain that he was asking about the card. 

I had one priority...shut the kid up and back in bed. So I groan and say rather firmly (not knowing what I was really meant to be reading), "It says GO BACK TO BED! It's still night time!!!" 

Seriously, while I was at it, why didn't i kick a puppy in front of him too? I lost all my Mama Points that I made when I gave him the card in the first place. 

Fortunately, Matt had it together enough to make my apologies for me. And read the card for him. And tuck him back in bed.  Hank forgave me and even made me a love card of my own as soon as he could get in my office and to his little craft desk. Sweet boy. 

But wait, that wasn't my only mothering faux paux of the day. The next one I have no excuse for...I was awake and had mainlined my morning coffee. My MIL called to ask about Hank's fever. And when we were done discussing that, asked me how the other two were doing. I thought she was momentarily off her rocker. I don't have three kids! I only have two! Why is she asking about a third? 

Yes. sadly...I forgot about the baby! Not the first time either. Sleep deprivation does it every time. Good thing Sully doesn't know any different right now. 

Hope that all made you laugh. Take care. 

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  1. HAHAHAH LOve hearing about what you are up to. I hope you can start getting caught up on some sleep SOON.
    The card is adorable.

  2. Funny and so familiar, although it has been a long time since my youngest was the first one up. My baby leaves for college this month. Hang in there momma, sleep will come with time.

  3. LOVE that story! Reminds me of the time we scolded Hunter up one side and down the other for having a note sent home. Seems he was "dawdling" in the lunch line and was not keeping up with his class. After we finished explaining the importance of doing what we are supposed to be doing when we are supposed to be doing it, he softly remarked "but he needed help". And then proceeded to explain how the little boy in the wheel chair could not reach some items in line and he was helping him get his lunch. Needless to say we both were extremely proud of him and felt like complete heels! It happens to the best of us!

  4. Love your story... Hope you'll getta catch up on some sleep soon.

  5. Poor Eric. Hope you get some sleep soon. My DIL is a first time mama and she and my
    son are still coping with sleep deprivation.

  6. Yes, it did make me laugh! That is so funny. I have two boys, both grown and out of the house now, and they have managed to grow up confident and healthy in spite of my 'Mommy faux pas.'

  7. Thanks for this reminder about leaving cards for my kids...four moves in 5 years and the kids getting to be taller than me and I got out of the habit. They used to love it--as I know they will still--and I appreciate your inspiration!

  8. What a sweet story. Gotta break it to you--you are still a great mama, despite those faux pas. Could happen to anyone. Enjoy them now. You'll have plenty of time to sleep in about 15 or so years.

  9. Laughed till I had a few tears in my eyes-thank you
    Gonna leave a card for my 19 year old

  10. Very funny!!! Don't feel too bad... we all do it, and the kids tend to forgive and forget.

  11. Yea! You're normal. I lose my mommy points all the time. My 8 year old still likes me most of the time but my 12 year old is grumpy with me a good 50% of the time.

  12. Ah, Moms are usually sleep deprived. Don't worry he probably forgot about it already and just loved the card you made for him. You need to get a sitter and just sleep for several hours:) Your card is so lovely and the thought behind it, just precious. I love your idea of little treats left once in awhile for your children. Sometimes we moms just put too much pressure on ourselves!take care

  13. You are an amazing woman! I love your sense of humor and the way you share it so freely! Hang in there, Kiddo, you're doing great! Oh yeah, I really like Hank's card too!

  14. OMG, this cracked me up! Sadly I can relate...and I only have ONE child! My husband went to San Fran. a few weeks ago and sent our son a postcard. He loved it and keeps it under his pillow. I think the surprise cards are a great idea and I'll try it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Erin, don't feel so bad. While getting the older ones ready and off to school, I once forgot my fourth one in his car seat at home when he was about 2 months old...all bundled up in his snow suit waiting. Fortunately we only got to the end of the street when I realized we didn't have him. Funny now... not so funny then!

    Your children will grow up and miraculously forget all of those moments you think back on with a twinge (or more) of guilt. It's amazing; they are so lovingly forgiving. They remember all of the good loving things which seem to override in their memories all of the not so great stuff.

    I think you have plenty of Mama points. You seem like a family filled with love... and that is what they will remember. Take care of those little ones and enjoy them as much as you can.

    Love your work,


  16. I can identify with forgetting a child. I only had 2 but for a while after I had the 2nd one I'd forget and sill think I just had one. Both my kids are adults now but they still love me so I don't think I did any damage. Thanks for the funny post. You're the BEST!

  17. From one mom with littles to another, I totally get everything you say and makes me feel a bit more sane. Love and appreciate your humor, and of course, always adore your cards!