Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3 Party Poppers and Favor It 8 Box

Oh I have a treat for you today. I discovered a way to make the Favor It 8 Box fully functional with a POP! So easy and you can track down the supplies without a lot of hassle. All you need to do is to go to the party store and pick up a pack of inexpensive champagne poppers. They look like this:

And just click on the video link below and follow the directions as to how to make your own functional party poppers. I'd have taken a photo of the actual popper, but it seems to have been destroyed in the making of this video. Hee hee!

How cool is that? I'm totally making these for my Christmas celebration.

Next up, another fun card for you today using Papertrey Ink's Mover and Shaker Poppers dies. First, the suggestion on the front that something is going to happen at midnight on New Year's Eve. I used both Party Poppers dies and stamps for my popper there at the bottom. And created a clock with circle punches and spinner pointers from Tim Holtz.

This sentiment is included in Party Poppers for your New Year Eve needs and creative projects. That banner is sweet, huh? Oh...just you wait until that is introduced later this week. 

Inside, I used the spiral die from Movers and Shakers to look like my popper exploded and left behind Dot Spot fireworks. SURPRISE! 

The traditional NYE's greeting (I couldn't leave that out!) is used on the inside of the card. Party!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you are as excited for the functional popper tip as I am. That's going to be so much fun next month. 

There is more Papertrey Ink goodies to see.Click on over to the blogs listed below to see more of the November 15th release in action.

Supplies Shimmer Cardstock: Blue and Night Sky Cardstock: Enchanted Evening, Harvest Gold, Spring Rain Dies: Party Popper, Limitless Layers 2.5" Circles, Ad Sense, Star Prints, Movers and Shakers Poppers, and Stitched Sentiments (available 11/15) Impression Plate: By the Numbers Patterned Paper: Summer Sunrise Stamps: Party Popper (available 11/15), Super Star, Mini Scrapbook Series: Library Ledger Additions, Bitty Background Blocks, Dot Spot


  1. What fun to receive that card/invite! Brilliant.

  2. Hey Erin!
    Wowza! Your card is an absolute masterpiece! The popper is really cute too. Loved the video. I too am a major procrastinator so I feel your pain lol.

    I'm Canadian and Christmas 'crackers' are still a big part of many, many Christmas celebrations here, particularly if your family is of British/UK descent. I think(?) the word 'poppers' is an American invention - a cute name for such a cute and fun idea!

    Ok, so bear with me here - it's hard to find a way to describe these things using plain old English lol. But I was idea you could experiment with to try and get the little champagne things to pop outwards would be to face the necks into the middle of the cracker. You definitely would need to knot a longer piece of string or nylon thread to the little strings that actually set off the gunpowder in the popper. Then you could criss-cross the threads through the space in the middle and when each person pulls hard on their end, the confetti will hopefully all jump out. Hopefully. Ok, I think it will definitely take some There are also a couple of 'tricks of the trade' to get them to work. They work a whole lot better when you can pull both ends at the same time and yep, always with two people - it's a lot of fun! We also make sure we grab and pull the paper ends off along with the cracker strip. It takes a little more dexterity, especially for the little ones but it really works and it would also give the confetti a much bigger exit route. Again, experimentation would be needed but I would guess your idea of minimal adhesive is a really good one!

    Not sure how many people read these comments, but you never know right? Maybe it will help someone if they're either considering the set, or if somewhere down the line they own it already and are trying to Macguyver crackers for their own celebrations. :)

  3. WOW! Those poppers and your card/invitation are FABULOUS!

  4. AWESOME!! Such a FUN idea!! I know we have FUN with poppers during the 4th of July and for New Years, so I will totally have to give this a try!! THANKS for sharing the FUN video and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  5. THANKS for sharing!! =) I always read the messages on a blog when there are other ideas left!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  6. I love the new years cards. And your popper idea is genius. Geesh, you're SO creative!
    -- Connie C.

  7. I just had to write and tell you that I absolutely love this card Erin. The front is so creative, but then once opened, WOW! Just brilliant!

    Jo R. (Australia)

    P.S. After reading the other comments, I had to tell you that we call them "crackers" or even "bon bons" here in Australia. No matter what they're called, everyone loves 'em!

  8. How very clever, Erin, to create your clock on a New Year's party "popper" card. If I were your friend, I'd be SO excited to get an invite like that. It spells FUN that's for sure!

  9. Loved your functional crackers! To get them to work the way you intended have you thought about taping down the strings and then pulling on the paper ends the way you normally would pull on a cracker. The paper is more apt to come apart that way as the champagne poppers open. Just a thought. Hope it helps. Sorry to post as anonymous but I don't have any of the profiles given as options for commenting. --Michele W