Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mutual Back Scratching

Hiya Ladies.

I need a little help. I've got three cards published between the January and February 2013 CARDS magazine that I need scans of. Don't have the magazines, however. I was hoping one of you would help me out. In exchange, I'll send you a free copy of your choice of BB: Striped Sweater or Party Poppers. Good deal.

Here's the specifics:

1. Leave me your email in the comments.
2. I'll send you images of the cards I'm talking about.
3. You send me the scans from the magazine.
4. I sent you a stamp set. I don't want to send internationally, so we're going to keep this domestic for now.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. Hi Erin I don't have these magazines! BUT I know you can always email Paige and she will send you a screen shot! I've been lucky so far two local stores sell them so I go and take photos tere! Hope tat helps! If not let me know I have 2 friends who get the issue

  2. Erin I have both magazines and would be happy to scan and email you copies of the pages you need. Just email me