Sunday, August 11, 2013

Coffee Cozy and Coffee Cozy Detail Dies Day 2

Welcome back for Day 2 of the August Papertrey Ink countdown. Today I'm here to deliver the goods on my two new die collections, available August 15 at So get a cup of coffee...or tea...or water... and take a few minutes to learn about what cool things they can do in this how-to video.

In the video, you'll learn:

  1. How to make a paper coffee cozy.
  2. Why it is handy that the Coffee Cozy Die comes in two pieces.
  3. How to make a felt coffee cozy.
  4. How to add optional stitch holes to your felt cozy so you can sew it up with ease.
  5. How the Coffee Cozy Detail Collection dies work together with the Coffee Cozy Die.
  6. How to stitch up your felt coffee cozy. 
  7. How to resize your felt coffee cozy to fit both paper coffee cups like those found at Starbucks and the like and the larger, reusable Copco coffee mugs that you can purchase just about anywhere. 
  8. How to make wrist cuffs for a super hero costume. If you are so inclined. Seriously.  

Paper cozies are nice and all, but it is really all about the felt. Here's the most basic of felt coffee cozies with a felt star stitched directly into the front of the cozy. The Coffee Cozy Detail Collection dies allow you to put just the holes of the star on the main felt piece. There is a second star die that cuts both the star and the holes. Line 'em up, and stitch 'em in. Very easy.

This is an Aladdin cup that I found at Target for $9.99. Good for cold drinks. My husband has called dibs and refers to it as "the perfect Slurpee cup".

Included in the Coffee Cozy die set is an optional edger style die that allows you to add stitch holes to the edges. This makes it all the more easier to stitch them up. The paper cozy I showed you yesterday? No holes! It is nice to have the option of both, depending on your material.  We are all about versatility.

Here is a card and cozy combination. To be honest, I created the card with the last release and it never got used. Once I had used the Quick Stitch Sentiment dies (previously released) on this Autumn Rose and Winter Wisteria felt cozy, I realized how well they went together. The font used in Scrolling Sentiments matches the font used in the word die. BONUS!

Again, this is another Aladdin cup from Target with the $9.99 price point. It's a pretty sweet little number. The top can screw off right above the ripples, making it easy to put in ice. And then of course, the cap can come off like a regular water bottle. I've been meaning to buy myself a new water bottle. Nice to have an excuse:). Particularly since it is a tax deduction! HA! (My husband is a tax accountant, I have this stuff drilled into me daily.)

Here's a close up of the cozy details. I used the star again from the Coffee Cozy Detail Collection dies. It is overlapped with the word "wish" from the Quick Stitch Sentiments. It was a bit tricky to get this all lined up, but very doable. I first cut the stars (both just the holes directly in the cozy and the individual shape). Secondly, I placed the coffee cozy piece and the star piece in my die cut machine with the holes lining up. And lastly, I ran it through with the word die placed on top, cutting holes in both the main coffee cozy piece and the star accent. In the end, I've got holes that line up on overlapping shapes.

Here's a fun twist for you. I used the edger-style stitching hole die to place holes in a paper banner cut. I stamped it with Dawn's new "Mum's the Word" stamp set (available this month) and stitched it directly in the seam of my coffee cozy. It can be cut or ripped out like tags in pillows and mattresses. You know, the ones that are "illegal" to remove until purchased? Snicker. This little trick allows you to add larger sized sentiments directly to your coffee cozy for gifting. The little heart tag is part of the Coffee Cozy Detail Collection dies.

Quick shot of the card alone. It uses Scrolling Script, Mat Stack 7 dies, Bitty Background Blocks II, and First Place stamps and dies.

And lastly, we have a felt coffee cozy featuring hearts from the Coffee Cozy Details Collection dies. I cut them out of fabric backed with a stabilizer such as Heat-N-Bond to ease the cutting. They are stitched into the cozy.

A final shot of the little matching heart tag in the Coffee Cozy Details Collection. There is one to match all three of the shapes (heart, tree, star). It comes with three holes in the top, so you can stitch it into the seam of your coffee cozy. Cute little detail.

And that is that. Until tomorrow. There are still fun things to explore. Particularly with the Coffee Cozy Details Collection. These are so fun. Any combination of felt, fabric, and paper can be used with them. A dozen or so possibilities. These are worth their weight in gold.

Until then, here are some more preview links for you:

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Star Cozy
Dies: Coffee Cozy Die, Coffee Cozy Details Collection
Felt: Smokey Shadow and Ocean Tides

Wish Cozy
Dies: Coffee Cozy Die, Coffee Cozy Details Collection, Sketched Shapes, Quick Stitch Sentiment Dies
Felt: Autumn Rose, Winter Wisteria
Paper: Autumn Rose, Winter Wisteria
Ink: Royal Velvet
Button:Winter Wisteria
Stamps: Mums the Word

Wish Big Card
Stamps: Scrolling Script, First Place, Bitty Background Blocks II
Cardstock: Winter Wisteria, Soft Blush, Stamper's Select White, Autumn Rose
Ink: Scarlet Jewel, Lavender Moon, Autumn Rose, Winter Wisteria
Dies: Seeing Stars, First Place, Mat Stack 7 Collection
Winter Wisteria Buttons

Fabric Heart Cozy
Dies: Coffee Cozy Die, Coffee Cozy Details Collection
Felt:  Ocean Tides
Fabric: Moda


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