Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gallon: Quart: Pint Color Challenge

Welcome back to another Stamp-A-Faire 2013 project featuring the Gallon/Quart/Pint color strategy to create balanced projects. I'll be honest with ya'll, this one was a toughie for me because I was forced to think of creating my card with color as the first concern. That's not usually my MO. But, like anything in life, approaching a problem from a different angle can expand your mind a bit. I took lessons away from this that I can use for other design projects.

Color-wise, this is what we are looking at:

Gallon: Dark Chocolate

Quart: Orange tones such as Summer Sunrise and Orange Zest. I might be cheating a bit here, but I really needed that tone-on-tone look to add some interest. And besides, it isn't like any of us are going to be graded on this, right? If you need to venture into a little gray area to make you happy with your project, so be it. There are no papercrafting police:).

Pint: White. I especially love the balance between the white embossing power on the leaves and the white focal panel mat.

There is also another design principle afoot on this card. Do you see the "rule of three" used with the arrangement of the leaves in a triangle shape. Team up two tried and true ideas and you'll get a great card.

OK. Be back in a hour and then every hour after that until we wrap this inspiring day up with a bow. Thanks for stopping by.

Stamps: Nuts About You: Autumn Pattern Pieces, Autumn Hills
Cardstock: Dark Chocolate, Summer Sunrise, Orange Zest, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Orange Zest, Dark Chocolate
Dies: Nuts About You
Orange Zest Saddle Stitch Ribbon
White Embossing Powder
Brown Glittered Dot Accent


  1. Perfect fall colors and the design just makes me smile! Thanks, Erin!

  2. Since white is a neutral and according to Betsy, doesn't technically "count" (haha, poor neutrals), I don't think you cheated at all. Your quart is the orange zest and your pint is the summer sunrise and your card is darling! :) So perfectly pretty for fall!

  3. So very cute. Thanks for the reminder about the papercrafting police. I've had to remind myself of that a few times today as I've gone rogue.