Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspired by "The Kissing Hand" and Pinterest

I saw this wonderful idea just two days ago on Pinterest. And as a mom to a soon-to-be kindergartner and a soon-to-be preschooler, it really spoke to me. I made some little felt hearts using the Coffee Cozy Details dies that very night. Five of them in a hour. Because I'm not the only mama in my circle of friends who is facing big changes next week. There are a lot of new kindergartners and preschoolers around.  And it just isn't the kids who need a felt heart in their pockets. The mamas need to gain some peace of mind by putting the hearts in those pockets and sending kids off into the big world with some love tucked in tight. I know I do.

Here are my versions. The idea is that the kids get a felt heart, representing a mother's love to tuck into their pockets. So when things get a bit overwhelming at school or they need some reassurance, they can just reach inside their pockets and touch it. Hopefully, the physical reminder will help to comfort. Reminds me a bit of the story "The Kissing Hand".

And of course, I had to package them up all cute. The bag is a file from Silhouette America. Dies and stamps are from Papertrey Ink's Back Pocket Basics. Couldn't get a better match if tried.

Just to give you a sense of scale, a heart besides a quarter. Itsy-bitsy. Perfect for little hands. I sewed two of the hearts from the Coffee Cozy Details dies together with Poly-fil to make them puffy.

And that is a little project I was completely compelled to do the other night. Makes me smile to think of these little hearts in the pockets of new school clothes.

Hope back-to-school is going smoothly for you. Tell you what...sometimes this parenting thing hurts so good, doesn't it? :)


  1. Love this idea! Hang in there Erin the first day is the hardest!!! And when they come home all smiles full of stories of what they have done, then it gets easier.

  2. That is the sweetest thing EVER. Beautiful execution, Erin.

  3. Erin this is so sweet! What a wonderful gift for other parents and children too! Kindergarten is such a big change! I wish I had thought of this for my son! Instead I kissed his cheek 27 times each morning (our special number) and told him anytime he missed me to touch his cheek and take a kiss off from mommy! Same concept of sending them off with our love! :)