Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ice Cream Cozy

I discovered that the Cozy Cozy Die from PTI works well as an ice cream cozy. Just stitch two of the large halves together and it fits a pint container like Ben & Jerry's. (I fell on the sword here people by buying a pint for photography purposes. It was such a sacrifice.)

When I was a kid, one of the few perks of being sick was the endless ice cream bowls. To "help" my sore throats. Sometimes I even said I had a sore throat when I didn't, just so I could get the ice cream. So, being a little under the weather is associated with an ice cream treat for me. The thought on this project I'll get a feel better pint of ice cream for a friend who is sick and give it with a card using the Comfort Food stamps and dies. Match made in heaven.

Cozy was cut out of Simply Chartreuse felt. I cut out the Modern Alphabet Upper dies from three other colors of felt, having ironed on Heat-N-Bond before hand. This allowed me just to iron them on the cozy easily. Here's a Heat-N-Bond tutorial if you want to explore that more.

Thanks for stopping by. Back to illustrating for the upcoming deadline. Too many ideas, not enough time.