Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eliza's Frozen Valentines

I wanted to squeeze this in before the PTI Anniversary craziness starts. Because once it does, there is no time for anything else. It is on like Donkey Kong folks. Hold on to your hats! And on that note, did you see there is a sneak of one of my new sets being released this month right here?

We are obsessed with Frozen around here. LOVE IT. We have the music memorized, watch clips on You Tube daily (they are the first thing Eliza asks for in the morning, even before saying "Hello Mom"), and we are going to a Frozen Sing-a-long showing of the movie this week. The latter I'm perhaps more excited about than the kids. So with all that in mind, I wanted to make Eliza's class valentines about the movie.

I cut my scalloped heart bases from a file at the Silhouette Store. Elsa for the girls and Kristoff for the boys came from the Ice Princess set at Lettering Delights. These babies are a bit labor intensive. Best done when you've got to cut several. Just as easy to cut 7 as it is to cut 1, so more time efficient. The snowflakes you see stamped as a background are from an old PTI set called Rustic Snowflakes.

The backs are stamped with an appropriately Frozen themed sentiment from Come All Ye Faithful. It has been so cold here over the last few months that this could not be more perfect. "Happy Valentine's Day" is from another old favorite Sweet Love. Eliza helped me with all the stamping on these.

For the fun part of the valentine, the kids filled portion cups with a custom Valentine's candy mix. These portion cups are a great find. You usually see them with to-go salad dressing in them. Target now carries 100 packs with the paper plates. I use them for everything! They are backed with a cut from Fancy Flakes and hot glued onto the valentine. Love this idea!

OK. Gotta run. I'm being summoned to make lunch for three hungry cranky kids. Never a dull moment. Hope you are inspired to make some Frozen valentines of your own. Only 12 days away!

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