Monday, March 17, 2014

Ruffled Gingham Coin Purse

I can't stop. Just can't. These coin purses are too fun to make and personalize. I already have another prepped and cut out! Hope you don't mind if I keep sharing them:).

Hank got the green star pencil case from the reveal last week, so Eliza needed a little something too. Having made a few trips to the craft stores in the area over the last few days, I had some fun new materials to work with such as this ruffled red gingham trim from Hobby Lobby...on sale for 5 yards/$1.50! So cheap.

From Michael's, in the scrapbook section with the washi tape, I hit the jackpot with collections of adhesive fabric tape. OMGosh...perfect for the Coin Purse Die projects. I picked up two collections and I believe there is a total of 6 or 8, each with three different patterns. You can see I used it here for the stripes across the front. I adhered the tape to the felt before I ran it through my machine with the Coin Purse Die. The pressure in doing so, really fused it to the felt. Very low profile now. If I run the tips of my fingers across it, I can barely feel it there.

Other fun ways to use the fabric tape? Well, here on the inside of my coin purse before I have it sewed up, you can see I used the Coin Purse Pocket die with the fabric tape on the top edge. And check out the backside of the zipper...might as well neaten that up by...

...putting fabric tape over the stitches. Voila! Very neat and finished. I might need to go get those other collections. YIKES. I've never had more fun spending money.

BTW...this particular coin purse is lined with blue polka dot felt. I bought a collection pack on Etsy awhile ago. It's a nice match to Blueberry Sky. Notice I trimmed the holes away so I only had to put a needle through two layers instead of four. It's fused to the red felt with Heat N' Bond.

More coin purses to come. No doubt about that. I need to get more zippers. And felt. Oh my. Thanks for stopping by.

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Dies: Coin Purse Die, Coin Purse Pockets, Bitty Button Stacks, Button Stacks
Felt: Pure Poppy Felt


  1. I love this. The ruffle is so cute.

  2. Sweet!! I need this die!!! LOL ;-)

  3. Please don't stop making these, Erin! They are just too cute!

  4. I know I am "that girl" but I just read "Heat 'N Bong" and almost fell of my chair.

  5. Darling! I just found that cute fabric tape at Michael's so thanks for the fun idea. (Natalie's comment gave me a good chuckle!).

  6. Just so much a person can order during a release, but this die is in my next cart! Love what you've done, and how it can be personalized. This screams country to me, and won my heart! Keep it up. BTW, thanks for all the where to get help!

  7. I love seeing your coin purses! Thanks for the tips on using fabric tape!

  8. Oh my gosh so cute! Keep them coming please! I just got my dies in the mail and am creating my first coin purse! I'm sure I will be addicted! So fun and therapeutic at the same time! Thanks a bunch!!

  9. My daughter just finished her creation.