Monday, June 23, 2014

Sand Dollar Coin Purse

I hosted a huge family birthday yesterday. There are four birthdays within an eleven day span, so we economize it. My entire side made it, plus Matt's parents. We had a full house. And I thought I had plenty of time to get everything on my list done before the guests arrived. Including stitching up a Coin Purse to hold a gift card for my sister. I miscalculated. I was hiding up in my room finishing it up and hearing the party in full swing downstairs. LOL! Good thing it was just family, huh?

She loves the beach, so I felt it was a given to use the new Seasonal Stitches: Seashells dies (more specifically, this detailed sand dollar) in Classic Kraft felt on Ocean Tides Felt for the theme. I had picked up this natural jute scalloped trim form Hobby Lobby back in the spring. The perfect accent to stitch in when I sewed the sides of the Coin Purse die together.

I didn't line this one or anything. I felt its main purpose was to hold a gift card. Would work well to hold a special piece of jewelry or a few receipts in her dresser, however.

Hope summer is treating you well! I'm looking around my post release office and thinking I should be doing something to clean it up here at naptime.:)

As for the was a hit. I now have a two year old who apparently is so impatient to taste his birthday cake, he dives in before you have a chance to light the candle. Where does the time go?


  1. Oh what a precious family you have! you are well blessed, friend. Happy everything to you and yours!!

    I have not yet purchased my coin purse or booties but they are in first place on my wish list.


  2. Oh my word! I love that icing-all-over-the-face shot! The coin purse is wonderful and I love that jute trim with it - what a great accent!!! And, um...Sully is TWO?! How in the world did that happen? For reals?! It seems like we were just reading your birth story the other day.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! If PTI does not have a felt color you need do you have a specific person on Etsy that you like the quality of their felt? All your stitched projects are SO cute.

  4. Oh how cute is he!?! (And um, how is he 2???? LOL)

  5. Erin, okay I am obsessed with the bootie dies and making and selling so many. I can hardly keep up with demand. One request I keep hearing is please make them one size up so more babies can wear them. Is that possible? I'm obsessed with all your stitching dies and having so much fun with them!! :)