Saturday, December 20, 2014

Full Speed Ahead!

Who else out there is frantically crafting in preparation of the big day on Thursday? I swore this year that I would get stuff done ahead of time to make this week a little easier. Didn't happen! But, as with anything, I have a plan in place to pace myself a bit. A little bit every day makes things doable. My list today is wine tags for the bottles of wine we bought for the staff at my husband's office, Christmas cards addressed and sent, four packages in the mail, and two more stitched ornaments done (all cut out this is easy and enjoyable). Plus a trip to Walmart and Hobby Lobby after 7 tonight (hopefully the crowds will have died down) for the last minute stuff....and cocktails at a bar afterward as a reward.  I can do it! And so can you. Keep chugging along folks.

Here's a project that I'm giving to close friends. I'll be popping these in mailboxes on Monday. I have a Phone Case Die stitched out of paper to hold an ornament made from the Stitched Frame and the Stitched Ornament Hanger. And I also cut a CD holder out on my Silhouette and put a fun holiday music play list on a CD so there is some fresh tunes for the last few days. Both are embellished with Songbird Dies and the sentiment is from Season's Greetings.

I adore making and giving these ornaments (Stitched Frame, Stitched Ornament Hanger, Stitched Years).  I think it is very tricky to do something nice for somebody that is meaningful, but doesn't make them feel obligated to give you a gift back. You know what I'm saying? It's a bit of a cycle.  I don't want to add to anybody's to-do list. Hoping this gift strikes that balance.

I got (happily) recruited this year to take holiday photos for several families. Helps out with projects like these. And I'll be on the lookout in the coming year when I'm spending time with friends and family to take photos with this project in mind for next year's gift giving. It will be a nice surprise when Christmas 2015 rolls around.

As for the celebration and traditions that are happening right along with the crafting, I thought I'd share a little something that happens every year in the small town I live in...Santa riding around all the neighborhoods on top of a fire engine. How great is this? We had our visit last night. Such a sweet and simple way to put smiles on the faces all over town. :)

I hope you are experiencing some of the magic the season has to offer:).


  1. Did you cut those amazing ornaments from felt? Can you put felt and dies through a cuttlebug? Those are fabulous ornaments <3 Please post a how to :)

  2. I OTALLY Adore your Photo Frames and I agree what an AWESOME and MEANINGFUL Gift!! =) Our Santa does a similar thing in our town!! He flies in on an Airplane landing at thelitle Municiple Airport and then gets a ride on the Fire Truck to our Down Town Three Block stretch and then visits with the Kids and there is a Soup Supper that is a Benefit for Gift Donations!! They all go to Needy Kids on Christmas Day!! Then they give away over 65 Bikes during a Raffle also a TOTAL Donation each year!! ITS JUST AWESOME!! =) So I agree its the Little things at Christmas that mean the MOST!! THANKS for sharing and I hope you had an AMAZING Christmas and got your List ALL Done in time!! =) Have a FABULOUS New Year's Week/Weekend!! =)