Monday, December 8, 2014

Mix & Match

How many stamp sets can I use on one card? I'm not sure what my record is, but it does seem like the more the merrier. This sweet card has five I think. Which is a modest assortment, come to think of it. Things don't start getting serious until we get into double digits.

This card was one I just submitted to the last Paper Crafts call. The one that isn't meant to be. I'm reeling just like everybody else. Sigh. Lots of changes in the industry and several of them all at once. Makes you wonder what is coming next, doesn't it?

Supplies from

Stamps: Splat, Circle Scribbles, Type Strips, Kid Kudos, Get to the Point Sentiments
Dies: Type Strips, Small Sketched Stars
Colors: New Leaf, Tropical Teal, Winter Wisteria


  1. Love this, Erin! A fun card, great color scheme, awesome mix of sets!!

  2. This is so pretty!! Love the colors you used!!

  3. Bummer, Erin, as this would have been a winner for sure! So. very. sad. to see PaperCrafts come to an end. Thank goodness for PTI to keep us going. : )