Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick Pint Wrap

Didn't all the girls on the Papertrey Ink design team do amazing yesterday with Seeds of Knowledge, the Pencil Blooms, and Pint Sized Wrap? It was such a delight to click through all their posts and see such creativity! I can hardly wait to make another pencil bouquet.

I've just got one quick project for you today using the pint containers and Pint Sized Wrap. My dad helped me out recently by completely rebuilding three drawers in my daughter's trundle bed. Definitely something that was worthy of a good thank you. Fortunately, with the help of these new products, I was able to pull it all together in just a few minutes. Didn't take me much longer than twenty, really.

Yesterday was all about the pints used as flower pots. You saw the other day how I used one with the clear domes and filled it with mini cards. Today, we're going basic with a pint used as a food container. And it's a masculine one to boot.

I cut the circle in Pint Sized Wrap twice, once in Enchanted Evening and another time in Spring Rain. I then took the smaller rectangle die from Stitched Bookmark, centered it on the Spring Rain circle, and cut again. Now I have a dotted strip with the curves on the side.

It is stamped with a sentiment from Handy Hardware and I used silver card stock to cut the word "Dad" out of the Upper Case Block Alphabet.

The body of the wrap was cut with Pint Size Wrap and stamped with the tools from Handy Hardware. Really turned out looking so neat.

What's inside? A full pound of Planter's Cocoa Almonds. It's a very generously sized gift. (I was thinking yesterday it would be awesome filled with coffee beans. And we have a few coffee themed stamp sets that would be cute.) The joke here is that I keep a three pound carton of these in my pantry from Sam's at all times. They are my morning snack. And my father tries his best to eat as many as possible whenever he comes over. Total pantry raid. Just helps himself. LOL! It's a big of a running joke. So, he knew exactly was was inside the container without even opening it yesterday.

The pint containers are made of a thick waxed paper. SO NICE because they can hold oily (i.e. nuts) or moist items (i.e. baked goods) without leaking or staining the container. And oh-so sturdy. They are designed to hold a full pound of ice cream, after all.

That's it from me. Thanks for stopping by. The pints and the Pint Size Wrap will be available tomorrow night at 10 PM EST at www.papertreyink.com. They are certainly handy to have around.

Stamps: Handy Hardware
Dies: Upper Block Alphabet, Stitched Bookmark, Pint Size Dies
Ink: Enchanted Evening
Card stock: Silver, Enchanted Evening, Spring Rain


  1. What dad wouldn't love this? Love the blue and the tool images!

  2. What a sweet gift! Love these pint containers and their wraps!

  3. What a great git! And those pint containers are so useful! I want to fill some with Watermelon Sorbet! The lid could definitely be decorated, but the condensation on the sides might be countered by using freezer paper as a base... ohh the little gray cells have some work to do lol.

  4. Super cute! Perfect gift for any Dad!

  5. Erin, you are very creative. What a great gift for anyone special in our lives.

  6. Hi erin,

    Such a creative and swell idea!!!

    María Alba