Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Chicken Scratch Project

So, I have a crazy idea. I keep saying that I can use my four Chicken Scratch products (stamp set, cover plate, paper pad, and Super Gingham) to make hundred different projects. Can't seem to let go of the idea. I'm just amazed with how versatile these items turned out to be. Far more than what I had originally planned. Going to walk the talk, I think. Challenge myself to come up with 100 different ways to use these four products in combination and/or alone. Think I can do it? I've got no doubt!

I'm not going to be putting any pressure on myself with deadlines and what not. When they happen, they happen. This is just for fun, right? And I'll totally be able to count whatever I do for the normal PTI releases. That's fair game.

First up, is actually card number ten. I've done nine previous Chicken Scratch projects that have been posted on the blog. You can scrolled down and see those. Today, I wanted to see what a rainbow gingham looked like. Turns out, it's super cute and looks a lot like madras plaid. Which has me thinking of trying to make more of a plaid design. One idea gives way to another. Never fails. Maybe card number 34 we'll do that.:)

I used all the bits and pieces of the deconstructed gingham pattern stamps from Chicken Scratch and just stamped a rainbow spectrum. The Chicken Scratch Cover Plate makes this super easy to do. Just line up the holes on the corners of the cover plate with  your gingham square stamps and you are good to go. Very simple.

Off to think about number 11. Wish me luck.


Stamps: Chicken Scratch, You've Been Framed Oval, Clipsters Mini Market Kit, Heart-2-Heart #7
Dies: Chicken Scratch Cover Plate, You've Been Framed Oval, Clipters, Heart-2-Heart #7
Ink: Raspberry Fizz, Pure Poppy, Orange Zest, Melon Berry, Summer Sunrise, Harvest Gold, Limeade Ice, New Leaft, Hawaiian Shores, Blueberry Sky, Winter Wisteria, Soft Stone


  1. Oh, Erin, I am so looking forward to the other 90 Chicken Scratch projects! I've love all of the first ten. And this makes me realize that I still haven't used my CS cover plate. I'm off to do that right now!

  2. Love this one, Erin! Such happy colors!