Friday, June 19, 2015

Super Hero Fun

Still having fun making a lot of little birthday cards and gifts. This one is for a neighbor girl. I put it in a little package with a small bag of candy. Just the perfect thing to acknowledge without making them feel obligated to my kids something for their birthday. You know what I mean? Often, I think we don't want to give a gift because I don't want the recipient to feel like they need to return the favor. Is that silly? Perhaps just a concern of a busy mom. Don't want to put work on other busy moms.


I'm also a mom who really appreciates non-princess themed stuff for little girls. Not that a little princess play is bad, but rather, I like having other options. So all this Super Hero stuff from PTI is just the ticket. I mean, how fun are those glasses?  In pink and turquoise, no less.

The little girl these went to is a member of what my husband and I call the "Pink Mafia". There's a lot of girls the same age who run around in a pack all wearing pink.  Come winter when they are all out sledding, I can't tell them apart. So they are the "Pink Mafia".  And most of them have a name that ends with an "A". Not a single one has hair color other than blonde. My poor husband can't tell them apart to save his life. Kinda cracks me up.

I say this all with a sense of humor. I have a mini blonde Pink Mafia member (she's a few years younger) and her name starts ends with an "A" too. Speaking of which....

...she wanted to model those glasses for us. Need to make her a set all her own.


The card was super fun. I just went to town combining all the Zappy Birthday and Super Hero stuff. Pure playtime for me. Enjoy myself quite a bit.

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Stamps: Zappy Birthday, Super Hero
Dies: Zappy Birthday, Super Hero, Super Hero Mask 1, Star Cover Plate, Shaker Shape: Star, Secret Agent Glasses

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