Sunday, September 13, 2015

Revealing all of the Christmas Tree Change Up Collection's Secrets!

Today's a big group post at Papertrey Ink. And my new Christmas Tree Change Up Collection (stamps, card dies, box dies, and stitching dies) are being revealed as part of the holiday packaging extravaganza. I've been hinting around at stuff over the last three days or so and now it is time to show you all. YAY!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry with the Christmas Tree Change Up Collection at PTI

For these two boxes, I've taken the Christmas Tree Change Up stamp set and stamped the surfaces of the Christmas Tree Change Up Box. I've placed a four sided star on the Simply Chartreuse tree and a place label on the Pure Poppy tree. Notice all that detail in that label! 

Christmas Tree Change Up Box Die from Papertrey Ink

These are perfect decorations for your holiday table. You can see the slot at the top of the box that allows things like stars and labels to fit in the top. It also allows the sides of the tree to fold up easily. Use them as just accents or as place card holders. 

Zipper die is included in the Christmas Tree Change Up Box Die from Papertrey Ink

Included in the Christmas Tree Change Up Box Dies, is an optional zipper die. You can add these to your tree box  to make them functional as well as decorative. There are stamps in the Christmas Tree Change Up Stamp Set that build two different multi-step sentiments that fit the inside of this zippered area perfectly. Imagine having some mints inside the box for after dinner? Or they perfectly fit Ferraro Rocher candies. YUM!

I've put together a video to show you how the Christmas Tree Change Up Box and Stamp Sets work together. And even how you put that zippered element in. Just hit play to learn more.

Exquiste detail with the Christmas Tree Change Up Box and Stitching Dies

And finally, my favorite:). Of course we needed to make this pyramid box shape into a felt ornament, right? Oh man, I love these things. Isn't it a beaut?

There are Christmas Tree Stitching Dies to work with the Christmas Tree Box Die to add stitching holes onto the felt and allow you to sew them up into delightful felt trees. I'm in love. 

I have a video to explain that process as well. Very simple for all you hand stitching addicts out there. 

Christmas Tree Change Up Box and Stitching Dies can be used to make heirloom felt ornaments, Papertrey Ink

You can make the felt tree ornaments as simple or as complicated as you like. Here, I just used buttons to decorate the sides.

Sequins and Beads on a felt ornament made from Christmas Tree Change Up Box and Stitching Die Collections

Or you can have a slightly more elaborate look with the two detail dies included in the Christmas Tree Change Up Stitching Dies. There is on that put lots of little holes for beading and sequins.  (Doesn't take nearly as long to sew this together as you would think. It goes pretty quick.) The other one cuts holes for the almost Nordic design on the Pure Poppy tree above. 

Coffee Cozy Details add a sweet detail to the bottom of the Christmas Tree Change Up ornaments

For a sweet finishing touch, I found that the Coffee Cozy Detail Dies look really adorable on the bottoms of the trees! Just delights me. 

OK. You know it all now. The Christmas Tree Change Up Collection can be used on cards, table top decor, place settings, treat boxes, and felt ornaments! Whew! That's a lot of versatility to pack into one collection. It's the "jack of all trades" this holiday season, which makes it an amazing value and entirely too much fun when it comes to creating. What will you make? 

Thanks for joining me today. More inspiration can be found on Nichole's blog. And the Christmas Tree Change Up Collection will be available at 10 PM EST at


  1. These are simple wonderful Erin! Love them best as stand alone felt decorations,
    Carol b

  2. Oh Erin, you get me every time with those stitching dies.

  3. wow erin these are so amazing - christmas is going to be so much fun this year!!

  4. Very nice. Thank you for sharing!

  5. And I love them best as paper treat boxes and tags. You've created a perfect little collection here, Erin, one that both sewers and non-sewers can love :)

  6. Love your treat boxes. They are so cute in paper and in felt.

  7. Erin - You have me hooked on your stitching dies. Love the Christmas tree.

  8. Well Erin, is this the cutest tree ever, or what?! Again, it's unbelievable how much versatility you've manged to pack into this great little silhouette. The rest of the DT is certainly having fun with this design. I'm trying to imagine just the tree shape (no bottom) with a score line down the middle and 4 or 5 of them glued to one another to make a different (and very dimensional) kind of ornament. Your additions to Papertrey's line have been drop-dead amazing. Thank you!

  9. This tree is just adorable! What a wonderful idea for a gift topper which could later be used as an ornament for the recipient's tree and a lasting memory of your thoughtfulness from year to year!

  10. Oh my goodness! These are just genius and beautiful as well. Can I ask if you are using white embroidery floss or something else for these tree ornaments? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I used crochet thread on all of these examples. But floss would work too.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply...and thank you for making it easy for even a non-sewing person like myself to enjoy making your creations.

  11. Oh Erin this is just awesome!!! I love the tree and can not wait to use it for gifts!!

  12. Erin, that felt tree!!!! Gah. It is fantastic!!!!!

  13. Hi Erin,

    Have you heard my cries of excitement along with my wails because I .WILL. BE. BROKE. AGAIN.!!! Have pity on me woman!!! Seriously, you are some talented and groovy person!!!. I wish that you could co-habitat on the third part of my brain, sorry the other two are already reserved for Melissa and Betsy, so that I could be as generously inventive, creative and awesome as you gals are? Don't get me wrong, I am not too shabby but I wish I could have some of your ideas sometimes!

    María Alba

  14. These ornaments are so adorable! I love this die set. There goes my budget ;-)

  15. I blame any financial issues I have in the future solely on you and these great products you keep designing. They really help me get out of the office and to the sofa to stitch so I can see another part of my house. I loved making your softies for my grandson, an entire zoo of them. I can't wait to get my hands on these products as well since this is my first Christmas in my new house, I'm going to sew all of my own Christmas ornaments to make it extra special. Thanks for all you do Erin.

  16. Hi Erin,
    I am trying to find the stitching chart you mentioned in your video.
    Thanks for your help.