Monday, December 14, 2015

Sewing Themed Valentines Using Primitive Heart Stitching Dies

Sewing Themed Valentines Using Primitive Heart Stitching Dies

Valentines always seem to be a bit punny in nature. And if they come in fun shapes, even better. With those thoughts in mind, I have three sewing themed Valentines today that I made with the new Stitched Primitive Heart Die that I have releasing this month with Papertrey Ink. It also gave me the opportunity to show you the different looks you can get with this one die collection. know me...I had to build in some versatility. 

Stitched Primitive Heart by Papertrey Ink Valentine

First up, just a basic heart. It's stamped with the classic Everyday Button Bits. Man, it's been awhile since I pulled that out! Still fun. The buttons go with the sewing theme. 

Take note, a bias stitch is even. So where you start and where you stop, there is no hiccup in the pattern. Makes the paper Valentines easy to make. 

Nested Stitched Primitive Heart Valentine by Papertrey Ink

There are two sizes of hearts included in the Stitched Primitive Heart Collection. One nests inside the other and there is a corresponding "hole-only" die for the smaller heart.  So you can do things like this Valentine. And like the one before, the holes are even for a bias stitch on the smaller heart too. 

I've embellished this one with Stitched Sentiments stamps and dies.

Pocket Stitched Primitive Heart Valentine by Papertrey Ink 

This one has a pocket to stuff with a note or a small piece of candy. I'm thinking a lollipop would be great here. Also, if you can get a small pair of child's scissors at a decent price, this can be a scissor keeper too. :) 

Stamps from Quilter's Sampler, Stitched Alphabet, Happy Hearts, and Stitched with Love keep my sewing theme alive. There are a lot of great sewing stamps with PTI. I've not even used them all. If you are gifting a felt item for Valentine's Day, a matching card like this would be really cute.

Pocket How-To for Stitched Primitive Heart by Papertrey Ink

So that pocket? You can see here how the pocket-making die works. On the left is how you position the die on a previously cut heart. It cuts across and adds holes the edge. The backer is sized to fit perfectly at a certain spot on the heart, so you can duplicate with perfect results every time. Easy! 

You can take all three of these variations and apply them to your felt projects. There might be a few heart ornaments before the holidays are done for me. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more projects. I've got my Charmed stamp set and have been having fun coming up with some different ways to use it. Can't wait to show you.

More Valentine's inspiration can be linked through Nichole's blog. And all the new December products will be available very soon...tomorrow night at 10 PM EST they go live. Happy shopping! 


  1. Love your sewing projects. How do you hide the knots!

  2. I was hoping you'd come up with a stitched hearts set and I love this! So clever to have both the layer and the pocket options. Definitely my favourite product this month!

    Anna S.

  3. Love all your stitched die projects - they are so adorable to make little gifts and even my kids are able to stitch them up.

  4. SQUEAL!! SO FUN!! LOOOKING forward to seeing MORE!! I've been LOVING LOVING LOVING my New Stitched Holiday Dies and the Ornaments I've been making are just SO AWESOME!! (is that BAD to compliment your OWN Ornaments!!?? LOL!! =)
    I'm going to be giving them as Gifts to ALL of my Nurses and Doctors tomorrow after my LAST Chemo and Radiation Treatments!! =) WHOOP WHOOP!! I'm SO EXCIED to NOT only be DONE with my Treatments, but to SURPRISE them ALL with some Home Made Ornaments!! I KNOW they're going to LOVE them!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS RELEASE WEEK!! P.S I'll try to take some Photos so I can share them with you!! =)

  5. Keep them coming. I'm addicted to your stitch dies!

  6. Love these Erin! Just got your Christmas Stitch set, & working them up for a friend's nite of diy.
    Can't wait for the newest heart set!

  7. Hi Erin,


    María Alba

  8. So glad to see (& then, have) another one of your stitched sets! Well done you!