Friday, February 5, 2016

Papertrey Favorites

If you could take the level of excitement about Papertrey Ink's 9th Anniversary and transfer it to my house with my kids, there would be a sustained, high decibel scream from three little voices. In only the way kids can do. HA!

So....YEAH! Welcome! Time to have some fun as we start the celebrations.

Today we're talking about our favorites. Favorite moments and favorite projects as the team is introduced. You can tell that we are a happy bunch. No changes this year. We're all back for another 12 months of creativity and fun.

I personally, have a lot product planned for the next year. I know I've been doing this for a few years now, but it wasn't until this past fall when we were illustrating for 2016 that I have felt really comfortable with the drawing program. Mama's got some skills, now. Watch out. I can't wait to share.

Looking at what I have planned, a great deal of it is inspired by this little family life I lead here at home. The kids and the things that they are into are my greatest form of inspiration.  My heart is in my work like never before. Looking forward to showing that to you.

As for favorite moments, that Vogue video from SAF is high at the top of the list. But I had a feeling everybody is going to be referencing that. It is definitely hard to top that for the year.

So after searching through the memory banks a little further. I think it is safe to say that I stitched up more than my fair share of felt Christmas ornaments over the last six months.

Typically, you do a lot of projects being on the PTI team and everything that gets created, has a tendency to be lumped together due to sheer volume. Those Christmas ornaments, however, as I was hanging them on the tree (and everyone of them got put to use), stood out so much for me. It was more than just a sense of pride. Perhaps it was a bit of legacy and tradition. Because I knew back in November that I would be hanging those ornaments on my tree for years to come and that my family would associate them with something Mom made. They'll forget that I "designed" them as the years pass. And that's fine. I don't need them to remember that at all.  It's more important to me that something that is going to become part of our holiday tradition is an item(s) that I made with my own hands. With love. For them. It's what is all about for me. So here's to many more autumns spent making felt ornaments for our tree. Eventually, the felt ornaments will be made for the kids when they are grown and out on their own. It all started here. And here's to many more happy years for Papertrey Ink. 

Bookmarks with Bibliophile and Stitched Bookmark

As for favorite projects, I love these bookmarks using the Stitched Bookmark and stamps from Bibliophile. The color combination here is Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, Lemon Tart, and Classic Kraft.

Charmed Cover Plate, Stitched Floral Cluster 1, and Stacked Sentiments by Papertrey Ink

Nichole challenged us to make a new project using the same color scheme for today. Here's a card I made yesterday. All the same colors with the Charmed Cover Plate, Stacked Sentiments, and Floral Cluster 1

Thanks for stopping by today. Looking forward to spending the next ten days with you. And make sure you click back to Nichole's blog to participate in the fun today. 


Stitched Bookmarks
Stamps: Bibliophile
Dies: Stitched Bookmark, Bibliophile
Cardstock: Classic Kraft, Berry Sorbet, Aqua Mist
Patterned Paper: Berry Sorbet Simple Stripe, Harvest Gold Bitty Dot and Polka Dot
Topnotch Twill: Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, and Classic Kraft

Hello There Card
Stamps: Stacked Sentiments
Dies: Charmed Cover Plate, Floral Cluster 1, Butterfly Cover Plate
Cardstock: Classic Kraft, Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, Stamper's Select White
Dotted Printed Vellum
Lemon Tart Gingham Patterned Paper


  1. Erin, I cannot *wait* to see what you have in store for this year. Some of my favorite sets - especially when creating something for my kids or other kiddos - are yours (Kid Kudos, the mazes from The AMAZEing Stamp Set). My favorite "love" set is yours (Love Notes). My favorite encouragement set is yours (A Little Inspiration). Seriously, you are all over a lot of what I make. Yay!!! Looking forward to 2016!!

  2. What a soft and lovely color palette! I can see why it's a favorite. Looking forward to another fun year!!

  3. I have SO loved all the book related cards and projects you've done this all time favorite gift to give is a book and this year I was able to make fabulous bookmarks to make those book gifts even more special! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  4. You make contemporary vintage look seamless. Yes, my term, but it fits your stitched wonders perfectly! Loved stitching up a few of my own ornaments and tags for special people last holiday. Keep 'em coming! Love every one!

  5. It sounds as though you are a most incredible momma, Erin, and that's something that I love most about you. You wear your heart on your sleeve (I sound like I'm living in the time of Camelot!) and it really shows. Thanks for all the inspiration and fun products! And big hugs to you.

  6. The bookmarks are a favorite for me.

  7. Great color scheme...light, lively, and springy!

  8. great projects and card.

  9. What a gret card, I love the bookmarks too.

  10. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next year, Erin. I love the stitching projects (now to complete a few!).

  11. So excited to hear that you have a lot of new products coming out this year. Thanks for all the inspiration. Loved your comment "It's more important to me that something that is going to become part of our holiday tradition is an item(s) that I made with my own hands. With love. For them. It's what is all about for me." You are so right. Happy PTI Anniversary.

  12. Love the new card. Thanks for designing stitching dies.

  13. Beautiful Erin! Love all of the creative sets you create. Looking forward to what you have in store this year.