Monday, March 14, 2016

Introducing New March Stitching Dies

Back today on the last day of the March Papertrey Ink reveals to show you my newest stitching die collection that is being released this month. This month's stitched trays are both pretty and practical. When you get down to it, I am a bit of a very pragmatic person. And I like to to have my projects serve a purpose as well as being fun to put together. These stitched trays in both rectangle and square shapes are great to corralling little items on a table top, dresser, or drawer. I can see mine holding my collection of simple charm necklaces (my signature jewelry piece) all over my house. And I need a few to keep my camera cards safe in my office. And maybe one in the entry for my keys. See...practical!

Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

Let's get down to all the details, shall we? The March stitching dies include:

Stitched Square Tray
Stitched Square Tray Trim
Stitched Rectangle Tray
Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim
Stitched Bicycle
Stitched Folk Flower
Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame
Stitched Square Monogram Frame
Stitched Felt Sequins

Stitched Folk Flower on Stitched Square Tray by Papertrey Ink

There are two sizes of trays, each sold separately. There is the Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray. Each size has two additional detail dies that fit on the bottom of the tray. You have a great view of the intricate and detailed Stitched Folk Flower on this Stitched Square Tray

Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame with Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

This Stitched Rectangle Tray features the new Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame that is sized to fit the Sew Stylish Alphabet 1 and 2

Stitched Square and Stitched Rectangle Tray with Trim by Papertrey Ink

You also have the option of adding a felt trim with the Stitched Square Tray Trim and the Stitched Rectangle Trim.  The trim is shown here in Pure Poppy felt. 

Basic Stitched Square Tray with Stitched Ladybug Detail

You can go without the trim as well. Here is a basic version of the Stitched Square Tray photographed with the dies used to create it. The Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray both come with two "holes only" button placement dies on backers that fit the contours of the tray corners. These little dies place holes for perfect placement of buttons, two per side. 

Stitched Square and Rectangle Trays Held Together by Wrapping Thread Around Buttons

When thread is wound around two buttons on adjacent sides, the tray edges fold up and hold it together in a three dimensional shape. You'll need 8 buttons, sized a little less than 1/2" per tray.  You tie off your thread per corner and your knot is hidden by a button. 

Stitched Square Tray with Stitched Square Trim Die

To contrast with the basic tray assembly, you can see the additional Stitched Square Tray Trim die that is needed to create the Pure Poppy trim on this Stitched Square Tray. You cut this particular die twice. The two longer trim pieces wrap around the corner tray and get stitched into the adjacent side, holding the tray together. The smaller trim pieces cover up the ends of the longer trim for a seamless look along the top of the tray. The trim is available in both the square and rectangle shapes. 

Want to see this all in action. Here's a video tutorial that I put together demonstrating both the basic Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray with Stitched Rectangle Trim.

Stitched Square Trays with Stitched Square Monogram Frame Detail

More on the additional detail dies this month. You've seen the Stitched Folk Flower and the Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame in trays above. There is also a Stitched Monogram Square Frame which I've used two different ways here. The Stitched Square Tray on the left holds a monogram from the Sew Stylish Alphabet 1 and 2.  But various other fun items can be housed within the frame as well. Such as the Stitched Ladybug on the right. Super cute. 

Stitched Bicycle on Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

The last of the detail dies this month is the Stitched Bicycle!!! I've wanted to do this shape forever. Isn't it cute? It fits nicely on the bottom of the Stitched Rectangle Tray and is complete with spokes, book rack, and a basket. 

Stitched Rectangle Tray and Stitched Bicycle by Papertrey Ink

This Stitched Rectangle Tray with Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim and Stitched Bicycle is part of a little gift for a neighborhood girl. I do a lot of work sitting in a lawn chair on the sidewalk, supervising my kids playing in the neighborhood. Alexis usually swings by on her bicycle and is very curious about what I'm doing. I told her this month I'm make something special just for her. 

Small Stitched Alphabet Along Side of Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

There's enough room on the long edge side of the Stitched Rectangle Tray for a stitched name made with the Small Stitched Alphabet

Stitched Rectange Tray Trim Used as Sentiment Strip for Papertrey Ink

I made a matching card to give with the stitched tray using Pedal Pusher. Of course. Alexis has a little dog that is always out with her, so I wanted to put a doggy in the basket. So cute. Bloomin' Cute stamps and word dies are used on this card too. And if you notice, I've used the Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim as a sentiment strip. YAY! Works perfectly and gives you another use for these stitching dies. I'll be doing this a lot. 

Stitched Sequins on Stitched Coaster by Papertrey Ink

One last die for you this month with the Stitched Felt Sequins. Do you remember the Christmas Tree Change Up Stitching Dies? The more intricate version features little felt "sequins", which you can see here. These little circles are super handy ways of adding color to "holes only" designs such as the Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame and the Stitched Square Monogram Frame dies. I used a lot of them here to add a scallop border to a Stitched Felt Coaster

I've created a two PDF's for you featuring all these dies. First there is a Stitching Guide PDF that shows you how all the detail dies go together. I also included two designs using the Stitched Felt Sequins die with the monogram frames.  And there is also a March Stitching Die Compatibility Chart which offers up mix and match options of these new dies with previously released stitching dies. 

Click here to see those. Printing them out is also a great option: 

I hope you are as excited about these dies as I am. The girls have been busy stitching away. You can find links to a full day's inspiration on Nichole's blog. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. You having amazing talents Erin! Fun stitching details!

  2. Erin, these are absolutely adorable! You outdid yourself with these designs and I'm betting they are going to be very popular.

  3. High five, Erin! So stinkin' cute and lovely.

  4. I can't thread a needle but all of your projects make me want to give it a try!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love all the new dies! I always love all your stitching dies, they've opened up a whole new crafting world for me. ;) I've been wanting to ask you too, I'd love to see a die in the future for eye masks for sleeping? The eye masks people wear when they are sleeping. I've made a few from hand but ones with your dies would be the best! ;) Thanks for your wonderful creativity Erin! I so appreciate you!

  6. You have outdone yourself Erin. I was just thinking and hoping you would come out with s o me new stitching dies. You did not disappoint. I love these baskets and the embellished designs you have come up with. Yay!

  7. Love, love, love the bicycle! So nice to see a variation in product wtih so many different designs!

  8. WOW, Erin, you have been one busy gal! Get any sleep lately? I'm not a stitcher but these adorable projects make me wish I was. I'm sure they'll be bestsellers!

  9. These are so gorgeous! Love all your stitching dies - such cute ideas for little gifts!