Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's a Pajama Party!

I'm back on the third day of the Papertrey Ink Release this month with a few cards using my new Sweet Dreams set. It's all about the kid pajamas. I have three littles running around and one of my absolute favorite things is all the cute pajamas they get to wear. I'm a sucker for them, which is why we have WAY too many. Nothing beats the Carter's four piece sets. (On sale for 40% plus a 25% off your total purchase coupon...not that I know anything about that.)  It will be a sad, sad, sad day when nobody wears them anymore. Thank goodness you can get them up to size 12 online. I still have a few more years left of all this goodness.

I can even get those boys to wear matching pajamas still. I have to restrain myself from showering them with hugs and kisses when this happens. Stinkin' adorable. Even when one is beating on the other with a stick while on a camping trip. Brothers!

Let me tell you, the kids love pajamas, too. They love whatever new pairs they have. When I was illustrating this set back in the beginning of October, I was printing out proof sheets to make sure it was "colorable". Just one proof sheet mind you. As I sat at the kitchen counter with my Copics, just minding my own business on a Sunday morning, I was mobbed by children who wanted to see what I was doing. And then they wanted coloring sheets of their own. I printed a dozen and all three sat and colored pajamas happily for a hour. That told me something loud and clear. Kids love this stamp set. It speaks to them and represents something sweet and wonderful about their daily life.

Papertrey Ink Sweet Dreams Stamps and Dies

Two cards for you today, a shortie and a long pajama set for a boy and a girl. These are mostly flat panel cards with the exception of the slippers and the softie (yes...two softies are in the kit...imagine making a card to go with a softie!), which are up on foam tape for just a touch of dimension. I've made sure I've hidden these cards over the last few days so they'll be a surprise on the kids' pillows tonight. 

Papertrey Ink Sweet Dreams stamps and dies and Tiny Treats: Halloween

Jammies usually have a theme. And in creating this set, I wanted to make sure there were as many creative options as possible. So the shirts are sized to fit all the Tiny Treat icon stamps. Imagine the fun you can have with that! With a little selective inking, you can even add the corresponding phrase like I did here. Just like real jammies.  Any kid would love this. 

A quick note on the slippers. They come plain. But I was able to add the small star stamp that's included in the set to make them match the shortie bottoms. Sweet. 

More tomorrow. I'm going to have an enjoyable day up ahead of coloring away. Can't wait to share. Sweet Dreams and all the other new May Papertrey Ink products will be available on May 15th at 10 PM EST at More inspiration linked through Nichole's blog today. 


  1. So sweet! Love the Tiny Treats option.

  2. Oh my goodness, Erin, total sweetness! Nothing is more adorable than a kid in pj's. One of my littles (7) is happy to wear his all day long. When he visited in Florida this winter, I dared him to wear his way-too-small, but much loved, flannel Santa Claus set to dinner out and he happily complied!

  3. Oh my, your boys have gotten so big!!

    Adorable stamp set. :)

  4. SO CUTE!!!! ;) A creative Mommy makes a happy mommy & a happy child/ren! ;)

  5. That you thought through making sure Tiny Treats would fit on the shirts is yet another reason I always, always love your stamp sets, Erin. In our house, it was Gymboree's cotton PJs - and thankfully one of my kids can still wear them (actually - two of them can, but a certain prissy-britches 10 year-old thinks she's 'too big' except at Christmas). I love the cotton Carter's PJs, too!

  6. So stinking cute! Love the pajamas. And so many options to create.

  7. They are so cute! Oh and the softie bear is just perfect!

  8. They are so cute! Oh and the softie bear is just perfect!

  9. Oh my goodness I am in love with your creative genius! So sweet and cute! Pjs are my favorite thing to buy for my boy! He will be 12 in July but they are STILL his favorite item of clothing! Need this wonderful art!