Friday, August 12, 2016

Halloween Accessories

Still stitching away here with my seven new Halloween stitching dies from Papertrey Ink. Revisiting a few old favorites today to create items for both big and little girls, so you can see how these new dies work with items you might already have in your stash.

Accessories made with Stitching Dies from Papertrey Ink

I busted out the Boutique Accessory Card and Clever Barrette Covers (the dies that started it all!) to create this trio of accessories to gift out for the holiday. I love that after all this time, these older products still can be created with and updated with the latest of the stitching dies. I always keep longevity and compatibility in mind when creating.

 The Boutique Accessory Card is stamped with Tiny Treats: Halloween, both the appropriate image and sentiment in a tone-on-tone look. And  I spy a new die there, all blinged out with sequins.

Beaded Cauldron broach and Boutique Accessory Card by Papertrey Ink

Check out this Stitched Beaded Cauldron broach that I'm gifting to my kids' teachers this fall! This die is designed to be used with 8 mm sequins and 8/O seed beads, which are my standard with any type of beading dies. (Originally used them on Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit.) The sequins are the "bubbling poison" in the cauldron. How fun is that? Nothing to be afraid of, the beading is fun and easy to do. 

I added a spider embellishment that I picked up at Joann's. It was found in the button department and has a flat back. Perfect. I've seen little bat, skull, and bone buttons, too. You don't need any of these items to make the Stitched Beaded Cauldron look adorable, but it sure is fun to embellish..

A couple notes on creating the broach. You'll want to hide all the messy stitching on the back of your project. Or at least, I did. I thought about it for a few days and came up with this solution.

Back of broach tip.

You want to create a layer that doesn't have stitching holes. Tricky, I bet you're thinking. 
 Not so much. Just layer two pieces of cardstock and cut the large base die in your die cutting machine.

Back of broach tip.

You end up with two pieces, like this. The bottom most layer of cardstock will cut the shape, but the holes won't pop out. 

Back of broach tip.

Glue this piece on the back of your project and hide all that messiness.

Back of Stitched Cauldron Broach

Then all you have to do is hot glue a pin back on to the back. All ready to go. Going to look so cute on a cardigan this fall. I'm going to make one for myself. 

Stitched Bat, Clever Barrette Dies, and Boutique Accessory Card by Papertrey Ink

Next up, a few items for the little girls. The Stitched Bat has two layers. You can choose to add a "body" to the "wing span" for an additional detail. The "body" die also has a "holes-only" version, so you can sew these adorable bats to the Clever Barrette Cover. My Eliza already has her eye on these. 

Stitched Candy Corn and Along Came a Spider Dies by Papertrey Ink

Next up, I have a Halloween headband. I stitched up. three Stitched Candy Corn and one Along Came a Spider (previously released) to embellish a black satin headband. Instead of adding the stitched felt layer to the body of the spider, I used Royal Velvet Buttons.

Headband with Halloween Stitching Dies by Papertrey Ink

Another view of this adorableness. Eliza loves this one too. It looks great on her little blond head. 

Layering of Stitched Candy Corn

A visual for you so you can see how I assembled these pieces before hot gluing them to the headband. The top and bottom layers are felt, but sandwiched between them are two layers of cardstock. Gives it a nice sturdiness and heft.

That's it for me.My hubby has been out of town all week, so I'll be taking a little break for tomorrow. But watch out for Day 5, I'm saving some fun stuff for the last day. All these products can be found on August 15th at 10 PM EST at More inspiration can be found today at Nichole's blog. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Dear GOD! I love these!!!

    I am so excited about these new dies! I am a huge fan, Erin. I even have a Pinterest board called Erin Lincoln is awesome. lol I have been stitching away ever since your first release of stitching dies. I cannot get enough! You are so talented! Love these!

  2. Love the sequins in the bubbling cauldron!

  3. I. Can't. Stand. It. These projects are absolutely TOO CUTE. Can't wait to do these with my girls. Thank you for all the inspiration.