Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Layered Gift Bows and More Dies to Come

Happy October everybody! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season as much as I am. I took a long walk with the kids in the sunshine yesterday after school and the angle of the light and the slight breeze certainly lifted my spirits. Get out there and capture some of that for yourself today if you can. 

We're still working on Christmas and lifting our spirits in other ways here at Papertrey Ink for the October release. I've got some dies to share with you this month. 

" nbsp="" title="Layered Gift Bow, Snack Wrap Box, and Snack Wrap from Papertry Ink">

Today I'm working with the Layered Gift Bow. It has all the detail cut lines that I'm especially fond of when designing of late. (Not expecting that to change any time soon, lol.) It looks like the classic bow you put on packages and can be used for the holidays and beyond. Perfect for birthday projects, too. Hope to explore that here soon. I don't know about you, but never have the right color of these bows around when I'm wrapping a gift. Now I can just make my own in any color I require. Score. 

Layered Gift Bow, Snack Wrap Box, and Snack Wrap from Papertry Ink

The die is four separate parts. There are the three pieces of the bow that get stacked on top of each other. I used foam tape to give extra dimension in this case. And there is a 7 inch long strip that "wraps" around or across your project. A fun discovery here is how much the cut line details make it so flexible. It wrapped around these Snack Cup Box  Die so effortlessly.

Layered Gift Bow, Snack Wrap Box, and Snack Wrap from Papertry Ink

Let's talk about this box and its contents a bit. These were released back in April.  The Snack Cup Wrap covers and tops 2 oz. plastic cups that you can find at Target in packs of 50 for a really reasonable price. And the Snack Cup Box Die houses two of them in a neat little package. Perfect for lunchbox treats, loose candy, and little gifts. 
Snack Cup Wraps with Christmas Critters Stamp Set by Papertrey Ink\
Here's the original introduction of these two products on my blog if you want to take a look. And there's even the Paper Puff Die that turns the snack cups into a cupcake. 

Snack Wrap Dies and 2 Oz. Cups perfect for gifting hot cocoa and marshmallows

This time, I realized that the combination of the Snack Cup Wrap and the Snack Cup Box is a great way to gift hot cocoa and marshmallows for the holidays. I filled one with a simple Swiss Miss package and it was just enough room. Get some dried marshmallows to fill the other and you have a fun, inexpensive gift. (All three of my kids have been making sad puppy eyes in the direction of these ever since I made them. Little turkeys.)  I topped both snack cups with the little mug from last month's Christmas Critters

That's it for me today. More tomorrow...and the day after that...and the day after that:). Further inspiration can be found today at Nichole's blog and throughout release week. And this new product with so many others will be released on October 15 at 10 PM EST at www.papertreyink.com. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hmmmm, intrigued! I can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve, Erin!

  2. I love how you surprise us with your dies, Erin! What a great idea!!!! :)

  3. The detail in these dies is AMAZING!!!

  4. I love the bows! I'm greedy when it comes to your dies, so I am looking forward to the rest of the week's surprises.

  5. What a wonderful bow die! Love the idea and it is so versatile