Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Holiday Tags

Another Group Post Night? You betcha! Wahoo!!!

This time the team is creating packaging projects with the brand spankin' new "2010 Holiday Tags".  I felt like getting super inky last night as I was crafting and ended up making my own wrapping paper. Check it out...

Really not that hard. I keep rolls and rolls of drawing paper stockpiled for Hank. Borrowed a 3 foot sheet. Also had four tags from the set each on different acrylic blocks and assigned to their own color ink pad. Went really quick. Maybe 5 minutes? You know, sometimes you just want to stamp. A card or something might only have a handful of stamped images. Something like this you can really go to town on.

Here's some close up of the tag. That's the Tag Sale 2 die in action. I have two here, the fancy one stacked on top of the more utilitarian "To and From" tag. The snowflake stamp and the "To/From" stamp are from the new set. And lookie here, there's another Limitless Label die in action. I love this one in particular. Very unique.

I've used a lot of PTI ribbon for gift wrapping in the past. Had some fun with it here. The real trick is not in tying the perfect bow, but in trying to get it from going in the trash after the unwrapping is over! It's perfectly good ribbon. It served it's purpose by looking pretty on a gift, so hand it back over.

I know you know what I'm talking about:).

So, does anybody recognize the shape and size of the gift? It's something that you are all very familiar with. Couldn't help myself. What every stamper wants this Christmas. 

Be sure to check out all the other fun ideas from the PTI girls. They never fail to bring it. In the meantime, Just Dance 2 is in the house. I'm going to go boogie down. Mama needs some fun and a cocktail.

Betsy Veldman
Dawn McVey
Debbie Olson
Heather Nichols
Lisa Johnson
Melissa Phillips
Michelle Wooderson
Niki Estes
Kim Hughes
Maile Belles


Stamps: 2010 Holiday Tag set
Ink: PTI Scarlet Jewel, Pure Poppy, Ripe Avocado, and Spring Moss
Dies: Limitless Labels and Tag Sale 2
Ribbon: PTI Saddle Stitch in Pure Poppy, Topnotch Twill in Scarlet Jewel,  Grosgrain in Ripe Avocado, and Swiss Dot in Simply Chartreuse
Button: Ripe Avocado
Patterned Paper: Distress Dots


  1. I know that shape...more PTI stamps! LOL! Great tag and gift paper ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I did recognise that shape and size!!! and I hope i get a similar present this christmas :)

  3. Love this idea! I know exactly what you mean about the ribbon though - I took my friend a bottle of wine with a beautiful white/black damask bow on it and when she gave it to the waiter to throw away I screamed out NO! She gave me the craziest look but I wanted my ribbon back if she wasn't going to keep it!

  4. Rotfl! I would even want the paper back..Hee-hee.
    Great stuff, love the look.

  5. Love your tag and gift wrap, and I know what you mean about saving the ribbon. At any gift opening party, I always 'volunteer' to pick up the wrapping paper, etc and then go through it all hoarding - I mean saving - the ribbon!

  6. Beautiful! Love this set and die! They are number 1 and 2 on my list!

  7. My kids are well-trained. When they open a gift with a pretty or unusual ribbon, they automatically hand it to me. My 19 year old son even brought home a few from his girlfriend's birthday party with friends. He handed them to me with a nonchalant, "I knew that you wouldn't want these to get thrown out." :)

  8. I LOVE the tag and you made me laugh so hard about re-using the ribbon... I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that stuff! :-)

  9. Definitely looks like PTI stamp set to me!! And totally what I want for Christmas:) Love, love,love the tag and paper!!

  10. YES, I DO KNOW that sometimes a girl just wants to stamp. This paper is wonderful. LOVE.IT. AND I love how it coordinates with the tag and the ribbon. Like many others have said (admitted) I take back the ribbon....and the tissue paper. I like to believe that my Mom was the first to reuse, reduce, recycle! We are green (not cheap!)!!!! ;-)

  11. FABULOUS!!! Matching everything!! I love it. Nevver thought of using drawing paper for gift wrap!!! thanks for the idea!!!

  12. Erin, you make me giggle! My mother-in-law knows how much I love ribbon. My hubby has even saved the first wrapping paper that I made with my first Holiday tags 2008 set.

  13. Well, Erin, you broke me down...I just placed my first PTI order this am....and now I am kicking myself for not getting the other set and die!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, you Miss Erin "ENABLER" Lincoln!!! Now I just need to actually USE these new items!!

  14. I love it..."hand back the ribbon" when I do that my kids look at me and say "our weird Mom at it again".
    I just placed my first PTI order, I'm so excited.