Monday, February 8, 2016

Two New Cover Plates at PTI

I'm hopping in the fray here with the Papertrey Ink Anniversary and February Release activities with two new Cover Plates that I designed recently. Back in January, I released the Charmed Cover Plate to go along with my birthstone stamp set, Charmed. And I fell in love with it. The flames of inspiration burned! LOL! I just had to do something about that. It was keeping me up at night. Now I have two new Cover Plates to show for it.

Matt asked me just the other day if things usually work out as I expect with the product design or does the actual product turn out better. Hands down, better. When you get the product in your hand for the first time and finally start creating with it, it is such a high. And there's just no comparing what you see on a computer screen with what you can actually create with. Needless to say, with the Pretty and Scrolled Cover Plates that I've been working with the last few days, I've been having a blast. And I have a pile of the prettiest cards in front of me. So happy with these.

I don't know, doesn't seem like any flames have been doused. If anything, creative inspiration rages even hotter. Might have to do something about that too.

Like Charmed before them, the Scrolled and Pretty Cover Plates are made up of four nested frames, bursting with detail, that can be used together or separately, to create a variety of looks. These two in particular work well in various combinations. I've been having a good time pulling out stamp sets and revisiting old favorites to give them a new look.

Scrolled Frame from Papertrey Ink

First up, the Scrolled Cover Plate. Lots of beautiful scrolls on the outside frame and a eye-catching sunburst for the frame nested within. Love the color combo here of Aqua Mist and Mint Julep.

Feeling very spring-like, I used both the Etched Eggs Die Cuts and stamp set and the Balloon Strings Dies to put together this Easter card. It's a very easy card that comes together very quickly.

Pretty Cover Plate by Papertrey Ink

Next up, we have the Pretty Cover Plate in shades of Soft Blush and Melon Berry. Dotted scallop detail on the outside frame and an clean, botanically inspired frame nested within. This card shows one of my favorite was to use these Cover Plates, by using frames 1,2, and 4 and utilizing the negative space for frame number 3 (the white of the card shows through on this sample).

Easy stamping here as well with Fresh Floral Wrap Ups and Scripted Sentiments in Smokey Seas.

That's it for me, but I'll be back. Lots of cards to share. More inspiration for today can be found on Nichole's blog.

The new Cover Plates will be available at 10 PM EST at on February 15th.


Easter Card
Stamps: Etched Eggs
Dies: Scrolled Cover Plate, Etched Eggs, Balloon Strings
Cardstock: Aqua Mist, Hawaiian Shores, Mint Julep, Vintage Jadeite, and Stamper's Select White
Mint Julep and White Patterned Paper Collection
Ink: Stormy Seas

Birthday Girl Card
Stamps: Fresh Floral Cuts, Scripted
Dies: Pretty Cover Plate
Cardstock: Melon Berry, Soft Blush, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Melon Berry, Simply Chartreuse, Stormy Seas

Friday, February 5, 2016

Papertrey Favorites

If you could take the level of excitement about Papertrey Ink's 9th Anniversary and transfer it to my house with my kids, there would be a sustained, high decibel scream from three little voices. In only the way kids can do. HA!

So....YEAH! Welcome! Time to have some fun as we start the celebrations.

Today we're talking about our favorites. Favorite moments and favorite projects as the team is introduced. You can tell that we are a happy bunch. No changes this year. We're all back for another 12 months of creativity and fun.

I personally, have a lot product planned for the next year. I know I've been doing this for a few years now, but it wasn't until this past fall when we were illustrating for 2016 that I have felt really comfortable with the drawing program. Mama's got some skills, now. Watch out. I can't wait to share.

Looking at what I have planned, a great deal of it is inspired by this little family life I lead here at home. The kids and the things that they are into are my greatest form of inspiration.  My heart is in my work like never before. Looking forward to showing that to you.

As for favorite moments, that Vogue video from SAF is high at the top of the list. But I had a feeling everybody is going to be referencing that. It is definitely hard to top that for the year.

So after searching through the memory banks a little further. I think it is safe to say that I stitched up more than my fair share of felt Christmas ornaments over the last six months.

Typically, you do a lot of projects being on the PTI team and everything that gets created, has a tendency to be lumped together due to sheer volume. Those Christmas ornaments, however, as I was hanging them on the tree (and everyone of them got put to use), stood out so much for me. It was more than just a sense of pride. Perhaps it was a bit of legacy and tradition. Because I knew back in November that I would be hanging those ornaments on my tree for years to come and that my family would associate them with something Mom made. They'll forget that I "designed" them as the years pass. And that's fine. I don't need them to remember that at all.  It's more important to me that something that is going to become part of our holiday tradition is an item(s) that I made with my own hands. With love. For them. It's what is all about for me. So here's to many more autumns spent making felt ornaments for our tree. Eventually, the felt ornaments will be made for the kids when they are grown and out on their own. It all started here. And here's to many more happy years for Papertrey Ink. 

Bookmarks with Bibliophile and Stitched Bookmark

As for favorite projects, I love these bookmarks using the Stitched Bookmark and stamps from Bibliophile. The color combination here is Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, Lemon Tart, and Classic Kraft.

Charmed Cover Plate, Stitched Floral Cluster 1, and Stacked Sentiments by Papertrey Ink

Nichole challenged us to make a new project using the same color scheme for today. Here's a card I made yesterday. All the same colors with the Charmed Cover Plate, Stacked Sentiments, and Floral Cluster 1

Thanks for stopping by today. Looking forward to spending the next ten days with you. And make sure you click back to Nichole's blog to participate in the fun today. 


Stitched Bookmarks
Stamps: Bibliophile
Dies: Stitched Bookmark, Bibliophile
Cardstock: Classic Kraft, Berry Sorbet, Aqua Mist
Patterned Paper: Berry Sorbet Simple Stripe, Harvest Gold Bitty Dot and Polka Dot
Topnotch Twill: Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, and Classic Kraft

Hello There Card
Stamps: Stacked Sentiments
Dies: Charmed Cover Plate, Floral Cluster 1, Butterfly Cover Plate
Cardstock: Classic Kraft, Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet, Stamper's Select White
Dotted Printed Vellum
Lemon Tart Gingham Patterned Paper

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing Coin Purse II Dies

Hey ya'll here on Day 5 of the January Papertrey Ink Countdown! Sneaking in here on the last day with a new product release. Surprise! I've got a new stitching die this release with the Coin Purse II Stitching Dies. This one has a lot of variation jammed into one small package. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Here it is....a fold over flap with a button closure and contrasting patches. I used the Floral Cluster I Die to add decorative detail to both the outside and the inside....

Sttiched Ladybug and Floral Cluster 1 on the inside of Copin Purse II Dies by Papertrey Ink

The Seasonal Stitches: Ladybug out of Sweet Blush felt makes a sweet friend when you open up your purse.

Click below to view the tutorial video on how this comes together and how the button closure works.

Here's another Coin Purse II put together for you to give you an additional idea.


I found a completely done Seasonal Stitched: Bow laying around that was extra from a previous project. I hot glued it to the front of my Hibiscus Burst coin purse. I LOVE how nicely these two items go together.


For the back inside lining, I used fabric treated with Heat N' Bond and cut with the die. Works just like the felt. Less bulk too. Love the burst of pattern when you open the coin purse.

A few tips just for quick reference when creating Coin Purse II Die projects:
  1. Only run your felt through your die cut machine with the die one time. If you do it more than once, you risk ripping the holes through the edge when your die jumps/bounces on your cutting plates.
  2. You need to use a button between 3/8" to 1/2" for the button loop that is included. Anything just over 1/2" will be too big.
  3. Use a small safety pin through both layers of felt for your stitch marker in the flap to prevent ripping out the stitching hole with the bulk of the safety pin. To be even more on the safe side, forgo the safety pin and just sew a loop of floss through that hole. It is easy to remove when you want to take it out with a snip of a pair of scissors. 

Valentine's Day felt treat bags using stitching dies from Papertrey Ink

When I was originally designing the Coin Purse II Die, I realized I had a little room within the open die to play with. What else could I do? I ended up designing a single die that allows you weave in Papertrey Ink ribbon (sized just right for this!) and turns our coin purse into more of a drawstring sack/bag. I personally think this last minute idea is the main attraction! Love how this turned out!


Here's a great view of how the ribbon slot die works and the ribbon weaves in on the bag of my Valentine's Day sacks. So pretty. Ribbon is wrapped around the front and tied.


I've personalized the front of my bags with the Small Stitched Alphabet Die with some Valentine's Day sayings. A tag from the Christmas Tree Change Up Card Die Collection hangs off a loop with a safety pin. It is easily removable without having to untie the bow.


And while I was on a roll with it all, might as well make this little packages all ready to go here in a few weeks. I made this card using the Cross Stitched, Happy Hearts, Monthly Moments: February, and Monthly Moments: October stamp sets. It is sized to 3.5"x 5" to fit both the bag and to allow the logo on the fancy chocolate bar to show above.

Click here to see how easy the drawstring bag/sack is to assemble.

As always with me, once I get going, I just can't stop. I have a few variations for you using this die collection. The versatility is amazing.


I used two of the large die (the one that is used to create the back of the coin purse with the fold down flap) and the included ribbon slot die. I folded over the top and woven ribbon through to tie on the side. Two large sized Basic Grey magnets are adhered on the backside of the flaps to keep this closed. It makes a lovely jewelry sack and the magnets will snag and hold your jewelry piece if for some reason it accidentally slips out.

This makes a great gift of a statement necklace for a birthday. Especially when teamed up with a birthstone birthday card created with last month's Charmed and Gem Stone Cover Plate.


A close up of the jewelry bag. This is a piece of cake to put together. So very easy and quick with the bias stitch. If you are thinking of dipping a toe into the stitching die waters, this is an excellent place to start. Great, effortless results!


Next up, I have a little girl's personalized purse! I even have a clever way to put it on a chain.


You can use the ribbon slot die to create a channel for your chain. To add strength and durability, the backside of the ribbon slot area is treated with Heat N' Bond. Fuse-able plastic is only a good thing here.


The chain is something I found at Michael's and is under the Bead Landing brand. Topnotch Twill is woven through.


A loop in the chain is made when you tie the ends together at the top. A bow looks adorable on the shoulder of a little girl.


I used all sorts of stitching die goodies to personalize this purse for my niece. I was totally inspired by Punky Brewster and her mix and match style. You've got Sew Stylish I and II, Cross Stitch Alphabet, Coffee Cozy Details, Small Stitched Alphabet Die, Floral Cluster I Die, and Alpha Blocks. You can certainly simplify with whatever dies you have on hand.

I felt that there was a lot of info to rely with these variations and the very best way to rely that to you was in a chit chatty video. Click play to learn all the ends and outs.

That's it from me. Thanks for stopping by. This new stitching die collection will be available on 1/15/16 at 10 PM EST at More inspiration can be found at Nichole's blog. Looking forward to seeing everybody's designs today.


Ladybug Coin Purse
Dies: Coin Purse II, Seasonal Stitches: Ladybug, Floral Cluster Die 1
Felt: Simply Chartreuse, Spring Moss, Aqua Mist, Ocean Tides, Sweet Blush, Vintage Cream
Ocean Tides Button

Pink Bow Coin Purse
Dies: Coin Purse II, Seasonal Stitches: Bow
Felt: Pure Poppy, Hibiscus Burst, Aqua Mist
Heat N' Bond
Cotton Fabric

Drawstring Valentine Day Bag Projects
Dies: Coin Purse II, Small Stitched Alphabet, Heart Cover Plate, Christmas Tree Change Up Card Dies
Felt: Hibiscus Burst, Pure Poppy
Ribbon: Hibiscus Burst Polka Dot, Pure Poppy Grosgrain
Stamps: Cross Stitch, Happy Hearts, Monthly Moments: October, Monthly Moments: February

Jewelry Gift Set
Dies: Coin Purse II, Gemstone Cover Plate, Charmed
Felt: Winter Wisteria
Ribbon: Scarlet Jewel Satin Ribbon
Cardstock: Winter Wisteria, Scarlet Jewel, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Scarlet Jewl
Large Basic Grey Magnets

Julia's Purse
Dies: Coin Purse II Dies, Cross Stitched Alphabet, Sew Stylish 1 and II Alphabet, Small Stitched Alphabet, Alpha Blocks, Floral Cluster 1 Die, Coffee Cozy Details
Felt: Tropical Teal, Smokey Shadow, Pure Poppy, Summer Sunrise, Hibiscus Burst, Royal Velvet
Topnotch Twill in Royal Purple
Large Basic Grey Magnets

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Card for All Those Coloring Book Gifts

Adult coloring books. I'm giving a few this holiday season. Just a nice way to slow down and relax. And finding that they are the "perfect" gift for the hard to please tween/teen. Sending a few over to England for a niece and nephew. Wondering if the trend is alive and well over there or if it is only stateside.

Pencil Me In by Papertrey Ink for coloring book gifts

This is the card that is hopping the pond here in a few days...along with the coloring books. I really wanted to use Star Scribbles, but that sucker is lost somewhere in the abyss that is my office right now. Sigh. Hoping it turns up.

Would be easy to adapt using different colors and sentiment for coloring book gifts outside the holidays.

Supplies by Papertrey Ink: Pencil Me In, Holiday Wet Paint, Circle Scribbles

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some Additional Ideas for Charmed

Bonus day for me! I got my Charmed stamp set and want to pop in here on Release Day (new products are available tonight at 10 PM EST at and show you a few different ways to use Charmed.

What you already know is that Charmed is about using birthstones to personalize birthday cards. Betsy is releasing some fantastic gem products that perfectly compliment the theme. (Can you believe we did these two things independently of each other...happen sometimes.) I'm taking the approach today with two cards that adhesive gemstones, studs, jeweled brads, glitter epoxy dots, etc., are staples in the papercrafting world and are the perfect way to embellish Charmed cards. We all have them. TONS of them. So anything you can slap an adhesive gemstone on, can work with Charmed! It's a great way to use everybody's favorite embellishments.

Also, as I'm sure you've seen by now on Nichole's blog, there's more to Charmed than just the birthstone stamps in that vintage font. For each of the 12 birthstones, you have a "for your BIRTHMONTH birthday" stamp to personalize cards for the birthday celebrant.

You also have 12 stamps that each have two qualities that the individual gemstones symbolize. Each birthstone has a meaning. Often multiple meanings. This not being a hard science, nobody really agrees on what each birthstone means. In my research, I really didn't find a lot of consistency. And can I be honest...for this person who was educated in a science field...this drove me complete insane. LOL! I did my best to pick qualities that are ones you'd most likely would want to use on a card and that gave the set overall the most variety.

And lastly, Charmed has two sentiments that you can add to the inside of the card and match up with the quality stamps.

OK. Got that? LOL! Let's get to the projects.

Use the Charmed stamp set and dies with any papercrafting item you can embellish with a gemstone

I've used the stamp for Ruby as the jumping off point for this card. I love how all the DT members had a personal reason to pick the birth month that they did. Often, it was to use their own birthstone. I'm no different. July Baby over here.

I wanted to use gemstones to accent flowers. So I broke out Embellished Elegance to do just that. This being July, the flowers are Blueberry Sky with ruby centers. I also put my sentiment on a die cut stamped with Boutique Borders Friends. The entire Boutique Borders collection is the perfect match to Charmed. The style of the frames is nicely suited to the font in Charmed.

Another inside sentiment option for Charmed by Papertrey Ink

On the inside of this card, I placed the qualities that a ruby represents in one of the inside sentiments. This is also stamped on Boutique Borders Friends. I'm actually saving this card for a friend, so it works well! And even if your recipient doesn't realize the symbolism, it's just a really nice thing to say.

Charmed with rhinestone accented snowflakes from Fab Flakes

For my second card, I jumped from one of the warmest months of the year, to one of the coldest with December. Gemstones accent Fab Flakes in shades of Aqua Mist, Hawaiian Shores, and Tropical Teal to match December's birthstone. On all the birthstone stamps, there are dots before and after the word. You can use these as guides to place gemstones too. I also used my Copics to add a little shading on the word "turquoise".

The Charmed Frame has so many uses. The open silver rectangle? That's just an extra left over from another card. Save those...they are perfect for highlighting areas on your other cards.

Inside sentiment option for Charmed by Papertrey Ink

And here is the inside of this card with the two qualities a turquoise stone represents with the other inside sentiment in Charmed. I highlighted qualities with Copics in the same manner as I did on the front with the birthstone stamp.

So let's talk about those inside sentiments. I was don't have to use them with the birthstones at all! I've compiled a list below that matches basic sentiments on the front of the card with inside sentiments from Charmed. The basic sentiments are ones we all have in our collection. There's a lot of play in this stamp set! Very exciting and a great value.

Additional Occasions for inside sentiments using Charmed:

Front of Card: Happy Birthday
Inside of Card:  Blessings of Good Fortune & Happiness for today and always.
                          Blessing of Balance & Joy the whole year through.

Front of Card: Happy Graduation
Inside of Card: Wishing you Wisdom & Truth for today and always.
                          Blessings of Good Fortune & Happiness for today and always.

Front of Card: Happy New Year's
Inside of Card: Wishing you [ALL OPTIONS WILL WORK] the whole year through.

Front of Card: Feel Better (chronic illness)
Inside of Card: Wishing you Courage & Health for today and always.
                          Blessings of Energy & Hope for today and always.

Front of Card: Good Luck (trying to reach a goal of some sort)
Inside of Card: Wishing you Balance & Endurance for today and always.

Front of Card: I'll Miss You, So Long for Now, Safe Travels
Inside of Card: Blessings of Felicity & Protection for today and always.

Front of Card: Recovery
Inside of Card: Wishing you Vitality & Health for today and always.

Front of Card: Sympathy
Inside of Card: Blessings of Sincerity & Peace for today and always.

Front of Card: Happy Mother's Day
Inside of Card: Wishing you Balance & Joy the whole year through.

Front of Card: Happy Wedding Day
Inside of Card (stamp all of them!): Wishing you Constancy & Loyalty, Love & Commitment, Friendship & Contentment, Balance & Endurance, Good Fortune & Happiness for today and always.

OK. That's a wrap for me. Thanks for joining me this month. I'm back to holiday crafting and sharing of those projects. The race is on. Happy shopping tonight:). Looking forward to seeing your projects with items from this release.

Click back to Nichole's blog for more inspiration from the December Release.


July Birthday Card
Stamps: Charmed, Embellished Elegance, Boutique Borders Friends
Ink: Simply Chartreuse, Blueberry Sky, True Black
Die Cuts: Charmed, Boutique Borders Friends

December Birthday Card
Stamps: Charmed, Fab Flakes
Dies: Charmed, Charmed Frame, Fab Flakes
Cardstock: Silver Shimmer, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Hawaiian Shores, Aqua Mist, Tropical Teal


Monday, December 14, 2015

Sewing Themed Valentines Using Primitive Heart Stitching Dies

Sewing Themed Valentines Using Primitive Heart Stitching Dies

Valentines always seem to be a bit punny in nature. And if they come in fun shapes, even better. With those thoughts in mind, I have three sewing themed Valentines today that I made with the new Stitched Primitive Heart Die that I have releasing this month with Papertrey Ink. It also gave me the opportunity to show you the different looks you can get with this one die collection. know me...I had to build in some versatility. 

Stitched Primitive Heart by Papertrey Ink Valentine

First up, just a basic heart. It's stamped with the classic Everyday Button Bits. Man, it's been awhile since I pulled that out! Still fun. The buttons go with the sewing theme. 

Take note, a bias stitch is even. So where you start and where you stop, there is no hiccup in the pattern. Makes the paper Valentines easy to make. 

Nested Stitched Primitive Heart Valentine by Papertrey Ink

There are two sizes of hearts included in the Stitched Primitive Heart Collection. One nests inside the other and there is a corresponding "hole-only" die for the smaller heart.  So you can do things like this Valentine. And like the one before, the holes are even for a bias stitch on the smaller heart too. 

I've embellished this one with Stitched Sentiments stamps and dies.

Pocket Stitched Primitive Heart Valentine by Papertrey Ink 

This one has a pocket to stuff with a note or a small piece of candy. I'm thinking a lollipop would be great here. Also, if you can get a small pair of child's scissors at a decent price, this can be a scissor keeper too. :) 

Stamps from Quilter's Sampler, Stitched Alphabet, Happy Hearts, and Stitched with Love keep my sewing theme alive. There are a lot of great sewing stamps with PTI. I've not even used them all. If you are gifting a felt item for Valentine's Day, a matching card like this would be really cute.

Pocket How-To for Stitched Primitive Heart by Papertrey Ink

So that pocket? You can see here how the pocket-making die works. On the left is how you position the die on a previously cut heart. It cuts across and adds holes the edge. The backer is sized to fit perfectly at a certain spot on the heart, so you can duplicate with perfect results every time. Easy! 

You can take all three of these variations and apply them to your felt projects. There might be a few heart ornaments before the holidays are done for me. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more projects. I've got my Charmed stamp set and have been having fun coming up with some different ways to use it. Can't wait to show you.

More Valentine's inspiration can be linked through Nichole's blog. And all the new December products will be available very soon...tomorrow night at 10 PM EST they go live. Happy shopping! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Be Mine Garland

It's Day 4 of the Papertrey Ink Countdown and I've got a new stitching die for you today. In keeping with the love theme for December, there is a large size primitive heart shape for all your crafty fun. Today I've made a felt garland to take the place of my stockings on the mantle when I take them down after Christmas. Best to be prepared.

Felt Garland with Stitched Primitive Heart

This makes me happy just looking at it. I've cut out seven of the Primitive Heart Stitching Dies in shades of Pure Poppy, Hibiscus Burst, and Raspberry Fizz felt and backed them with the ultra stiff interfacing by Pellon that I like to use on my projects to keep things economical.  I used the Cross Stitch Alphabet Dies to create my message. By using the full six strands of floss, the letters really stand out. Sew Stylish Alphabet 1 is a good option here as well.

I ran a long piece of floss through all the hearts to connect them, placing wooden beads in between. I was fixated on the wooden beads for some reason. Even made a special trip on a Saturday to town to pick some up. I just wanted the contrast between the wood and the felt, the roundness of the beads and the bottom point of the hearts. Just have to go with it sometimes.  Chase the muse.

On the ends, I have loops from the Stitched Garland Die, which is still available in the Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit.

Floral Cluster Die 1 with Primitive Heart Stitching Die Garland by Papertrey Ink

On either ends, I've stitched a floral accent from the Floral Cluster 1 Die. Flowers for Valentine's, after all.

Also, we got our dies a bit late this month. To make quick work of the garland, I went with a bias stitch instead of a running stitch. Cut the work down by half.

Be Mine Garland Using Stitching Dies From Papertrey Ink

For the heart that serves as the spacer between the words "be" and "mine", I've used the Valentine Stitching Dies (released a few years ago) to add a set of crossed arrows. A heart button finishes it off.

Thanks for joining me today. Hope you are enjoying the countdown. Primitive Heart Stitching Dies will be available on 12/15/15 at 10:00 PM EST at