Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gratitude Journal

Hey Everybody, welcome back. I've got a project for you today featuring Dawn's new Gratitude Journal set and tab dies. What an awesome concept for the fall release. And even though Thanksgiving comes but once a year, this is a concept you can use year around.

I decided to channel my inner Oprah Winfrey and create a Gratitude Journal to keep on my bedside table for the years to come. Seeing as I intend to use it, I put a lot of thought into the design so that it would be not only practical and usable, but pretty as well. Let me show you some of its unique features.

Like many of you, I have lots of supplies that I had purchased in the past that have never been used. I have a whole box of blank mini-books/journals. Instead of going out and buying something new, I decided to dig in and see what I could put to use from my stash. I found a thick, kraft colored binder full of blank pages that seemed to have lots of potential.

Half & Half stamps/dies as well as the new Fillable Frames Addition #2 set made up my front. Take note of the ribbon that is adhered on the cover...

...when not in use, it tucks in the front cover.

But  can also act as a book mark. Leaving it adhesive free allows you to do this.

My book is divided up into years. I used the new Journaling Tab dies and Library Ledger Year Additions to create a cover page every year. I like how half of the Fillable Frames Addition 2 stamp and the journaling tab looks a little like an acorn.

Now, the one thing I don't like about journals is that often, you run out of room or you have too much room between sections. To eliminate that issue, I'm only going to stamp ten pages or so at a time. I will stamp the rest as I go. The plan is that there are no blank pages when it is all said and done, but have the years divided up with cover pages in the appropriate spots.

The actual journal pages have a numbered list left justified on the right page. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts to put down than I have the desire to write in a list format, so I left the rest of the page blank for more structured thoughts. I like the idea of have both styles of journaling on a single page.

I also added a date stamp from Mini Scrapbook Series: Library Ledger because it is always insightful to know the time and place when one goes back to read journal entries.

Notice the numbers? Place them all on your block at once so you can stamp multiple pages with ease.

When each subsequent year is finished, I'm planning on cutting the next blank page for my "Year Cover Page" and adding a tab. I've already created the tabs (with adhesive) and they are kept in the envelope in the front cover. The Seed Packet die worked great in this application.

Since all the stamping will be done as needed in this journal, I used the last page as a reference. I can now see in a glance what stamps and ink colors I would need to use to add on. Seems a little silly now, but I'm sure in 2018, I might need to refer back to it.

Don't be afraid to take something that is already existing and adding to it with your stamp supplies. If you mess a page or two up--no biggie. Just rip it out and go on to the next. The spiral binding helps with this too:).

I hope you are inspired to create some "stamp as you go" mini albums of your own. Be sure to check out the PTI design team blogs for even more creative ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

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Dawn McVey
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Danielle Flanders

Gratitude Journal

Stamps: Gratitude Journal, Autumn Acorns, Half & Half, Fillable Frames Additions 2, Label Basics, Mini 

Scrapbook Series: Library Ledger and Library Ledger Year Additions
Cardstock: Spring Moss, Terracotta Tile, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Ripe Avocado, Spring Moss, Summer Sunrise, Dark Chocolate
Adhesive Back Cardstock
Terracotta Tile Swiss Dot Ribbon
Vintage Button in Terracotta Tile
Dies: Journal Tabs Addition, Seed Packet Envelope, Angled Labels
Other: Blank Journal


  1. OMG!
    I'm absolutely in love with this journal!
    I have journals everywhere...
    love them...
    collect them...
    and I want one of these!
    But was the front already cut like this...
    or did you cut it and how did you layer it?
    This is a perfect gift...
    book club...
    just truly a perfect gift...
    I have to know more about the cover and if it was purchased this way?

  2. My first thought when I saw this was the same as Renee's - did you purchase it with the frame or did you cut it? :D And secondly, I have a blank spiral-bound journal that has a light brown (kraft-color) leather cover with the logo of a company I used to work for. I'd love to convert it to something like this. I love how you did the ribbon to serve as a bookmark. This is a fabulous project, Erin. I'm sure I'll be CASEing it...because the Gratitude Journal is absolutely going into my cart tomorrow night!

  3. I like the idea of having two jouranling options there. Nice project. :)

  4. Beautiful journal, and I love the stamp-it-as-you-go process.

  5. So many ingenious ideas here! Love the bookmark...and the envelope for the tabs...the stamp and tab looking like an acorn is over the top. This is why I so look forward to your posts.

  6. Oh wow!! Now you really got me even more excited to get the set!! Definitely will have to do this!

  7. Gorgeous project, Erin! I love the colors and elegance of your design. Perfect for years to come! Thanks for sharing all of your stampy tips with us, so that we can make one of our own to cherish through the years!

  8. Very nice journal. Love the stamp/make as you go concept. Your last page is genius.

  9. Love this journal book idea, Erin. It speaks to me because I love that I can make it as I go. I always hate that I either don't have enough pages or end with too many blank ones so you rock in considering these issues! Love that I can make up the elements and store them in the book til needed. And the ribbon idea...smashing!

  10. This is a fun journal! I love the layered front!

  11. Hi Erin, I love your journal and I like that you kept it open-ended. I want to make one as a gift for someone and then make one for myself. Thanks for sharing. On another topic, LOVE your podcasts.

    Karen Rose

  12. This is really beautiful Erin. Thanks for all the great tips on assembling it.

  13. Lovely! The ribbon is gorgeous and I love the natural colors that you used!!
    Hugs, Wendy