Tuesday, September 6, 2011

They Haven't Seen the Likes of Me...

Hank started preschool today. CRAZY! I was the one having the separation anxiety. He, on the other hand, forgot I existed the second he walked in the classroom. You know, I wouldn't have it any other way.

He's required to have a tote bag with his name on it. Well....that's all I needed to hear. Busted out the craft on it. I want him to think he's got the coolest tote around. Used my Silhouette and the heat transfer vinyl. Sweet.

I got to be careful not to let all my super crafty powers be known. I might start getting volunteered for stuff.:) There's a reason why I'm on the library committee and not the bulletin board committee...if only for variety sake. I need to diversify my interests sometimes. But you know what? I'm just about giddy with the thought of making party favors for his class and Christmas gifts for his teachers. I have a feeling, I'll be showing myself before too long. Just can't help myself. You know what I mean, right?:)

Speaking of books, I've got a good one for you readers out there. Could not put it down. The Sea Captain's Wife. Still thinking about it really. If you are in the mood, go for it.


  1. Hope Hank had a great time! Love his bag--very cool!

    Today was our last *first* day of preschool...feeling kinda sad about it. They get big so fast!!

  2. What a "cool" tote bag for your little guy! Hope he had a good first day (and you too mom). I was a room mom for my son every year, loved it! Now he's married and my daughter-in-law is a first grade teacher, more fun! And down the road...grandkids, LOVE IT!!!

  3. Now that is just the coolest preschool tote I've ever seen! You said it, that preschool hasn't seen the likes of you yet! I can't wait to see all the goodies you create for Hank's new preschool friends and teachers. Hope to see lots of posts from you in the very near future!

  4. Love that tote bag, so adorable! After that, you are sure to be volunteered for something crafty! Those teachers have no idea what they are in for-lucky ducks!

  5. I'm giddy for all the things I can make this year for my son's kindergarten class too! It's unbelievable how much I want to create (and as I think about it, how much it will cost me!)

  6. Totally cracking me up...because, I, too am "that mother" and I love it. Bought stuff today to make H'ween treats for the class. Made the water bottle/drink mix tags on the first day of school. Am making the apple pie in a jar in a couple of weeks for "apple week" -- yeah. I'm with ya there, my friend! :) I love his bag!!!! Have you and he read The Kissing Hand?! If not - you should. It's totally a book for moms, but helps kids understand how we feel when they go to school. My 3 y/o loves it. :)