Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Thanks for all the baby boy wishes! We're super excited. Just commenting to each other how fast this pregnancy has been going. Flies by right now. I'm feeling good so far. I've been taking twice weekly water aerobic classes and it is making a world of difference this time around.  Seriously my favorite form of exercise and if I could do it every day I would. Check it out if you are looking for something new to do. I take my classes at the YMCA.

Now seeing as baby boy has a very Irish name (nope...I'm not spilling!) and has been dubbed "The Leprechaun" because of that greenish cake (it was more of an aqua), I thought I'd post a St. Patty's Day card. A Copic colored rainbow of shamrocks pouring out of a cloud suspended watering can.  Took me a few days of thinking to come up with this one.  This particular card goes to my niece. I've been making it a habit to send  her and my nephew cards for every holiday along with a little fun treat. They'll be getting those Got Milk? flavored straws this time. Great little gift. I like that it is a treat but only 15 calories and 4 grams of sugar. Do I sound like a Mom or what? A hypocritical one at that, considering how many M&M's I've packed away recently. But they don't need to know that!

Supplies (PTI)

Stamps: Luck of the Irish, Garden Variety, Bitty Background Blocks
Dies: Garden Variety, Clouds
Aqua Mist Patterned Paper Collection


  1. The sweet cloud with the heart holding a watering can pouring a rainbow?! Genius! This is a totally cool card :)

  2. You've been pinned because I love that the cloud is holding the watering can. So clever.

  3. I just love that card! It is beyond adorable, I don't know how you just keep coming up with these ideas-you blow me away! Truly. And what a great way to keep your niece and nephew close to you even though they are so far away, you are a terrific aunt (and Mom).

  4. This is an absolutely FABULOUS card....I've been vacillating on that Luck of the Irish set for ages now because I'm not a big St. Patty's day celebrater, but no more!!! I gotta have it...this card has GOT to be CASEd!! Thanks for the adorable inspiration, and congrats on the upcoming new baby boy! (wow, how will you find time for card making and stamp designing then????? You must be superwoman!! ;)