Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Standard Gift

I think the older I get...or perhaps it is the busier I get...the more simplified my gift giving is becoming. I just figure you can't go wrong with a book and a gourmet chocolate bar for adults. All the better if it is a book you've read and enjoyed. And for little kids, it's books as well. That and some sort of little candy. All books approved by the Lincoln kids.

It's not super fancy. But I think it is universally appreciated. Especially by the parents. Who wants more plastic junk to clutter up the floors? Kid books are as much a gift to the parents as they are to the kids.

So here's my gift that I gave today. It's for my brother. I guess it's National Mustache Month. Or something?!?!? In any case, he's growing one and will keep it on the whole month. I can't begin to understand. But I sure do appreciate the launching pad for a card and wrap idea!

I cut the mustache on my Silhouette. I was striving for accuracy. Having seen a photo of my brother, I knew what I was looking for. Many different mustaches were considered and rejected. This one came the closest to the real deal. The sentiment I printed up on my own so I could...

...give him grief on the inside! It's what sisters are for. There's a gift card (inside the Papertrey Ink gift card greeting die) to Amazon inside. He can pick out his own book.

The dark chocolate Lindt bar (it survived the three hours it was in my house...a miracle) was giving the same treatment. By the Numbers Dies and Big Birthday Wishes by PTI helped me out here.

And that is the first time I used the trendy mustaches theme. Kinda fun. Might have to keep it in my back pocket if I ever have to use it again.


  1. Cute gift. Just an FYI November is MO-vember as in mustache November. It raises awareness for mens health ie. prostate cancer etc. Started in Australia and has recently been brought to the states. My husband and all the male teachers in his school are growing mustaches to raise awareness to mens health issues. Kinda like October is breast cancer awareness month.

  2. An interesting read, thanks. I'm a major chocolate fan and love reading about such things. My personal favourite is dark chocolate bars. Have to be 70% or more cocoa content for me. Bob

  3. Great card and gift ideas! Mo-vember has been held in Canada for several years now to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Men grow their mustaches in November to raise money for prostate cancer research. Lots of frosty mustaches here this month. ;-)