Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cute Fruit!

I figure if I've used the same Paper Smooches stamp set on my last three cards (only one of which,  required I use it), then that stamp set is a HUGE winner in my book. Cute Fruit indeed. Super fun.

Here's my geeky little pear. You know how pears have those little freckles? I tried to do that here with a tri-dot stamp that is included in Cute Fruit, but was tickled about how much it ended up looking like manly stubble instead.

I also use the Squared Die and Gift Tags 2 on this project. I didn't realize until I had cut it for the first time that the middle tag has lines to make this frame. What a pleasant surprise!

Next up, I have a Baid Aid Die wearing a nurses cap (Noggin Toppers) and holding a stethoscope (First Aid Kit) for a get well card. I think she's adorable. Perfect for cheering up a kid. You could do the exact same thing with a plain heart die and get the same result.

And lastly, I turned the images in Cute Fruit into some kissing olives. Because olive you. With some masking of the legs/faces, you can make the fruit/olives/veggies look sideways. Sentiment is from Smoocheroos. The toothpicks were masked off using a stamp from the Shadows set.

Thanks for looking. All items are available now to purchase at Paper Smooches. Go get some Cute Fruit of your own.


  1. Erin! You did an awesome job! How cute are those cards?! Love them all! Awesome masking on the kissing olives and the get well is great for a kiddo! (Or adult for that matter!) :)

  2. Erin, I love the olive card - so darn cute! The idea to put them face-to-face like that is genius! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous work!

  3. You have me with the olive card--it's adorable!