Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Non-Beer Card

I didn't get to cover all the beer motifs for Craft Brew during the release. Nor did I get a chance to make a non-beer Craft Brew card. Figured I solve the two problems at once with a new card for you on this lovely Saturday morning.


Just in case you are scrambling for a few last minute graduation ideas, I went that route this time around. The motif on the Pub Glass says "Raising a Glass to Your Success, Past, Present, and Future". Perfect for graduation. Seeing as most college graduations are over at this point, but most high school graduations are not, I turned the Pub Glass into a frothy strawberry float. Now it is more appropriate for a high school grad.

Patterned straws are super popular right now and you probably have some in your stash. This is from Betsy's Country Fair Kit from last July. I flatted it with an acrylic block and bent it down to look like a bendable straw.

The 2015 is from both the Letterman Stitched Numbers  and Letterman Stitched Number Mats. Always a favorite of mine. And paper from Sparkle & Shine and stars cut from the Cover Plate: Stars  help make this a fun, whimsical card. Cheers!

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  1. I just had a thought...this could potentially be a popcorn holder. You could do an add-on set with striped stamps for the glass and a collection of popped kernels that would fit the space in the foam die. Anyway, just a thought. :)