Monday, December 7, 2015

Look Ma! No Stitching Holes!

Hey there. Welcome back. I've got another idea for you today. How about going "stitching hole free" on your next project using the Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit? Don't think it's possible? I've got a little trick to make it happen.

Go stitch-hole free with the Beaded Hoilday Stitch Kit by using speciality papers

I'm guessing that if you are anything like me, you have a stockpile of specialty paper in your stash. It's just too pretty to pass up at the craft store every now and again. But putting it to use on a project? Most of the time I forget I have it.

In trying to explore what different materials I could sew up with my stitching dies, I learned a lot about what wouldn't work. Namely all that specialty paper. Just too thick. It would cut the main outline of the shape, but not the holes. So much for that idea. 

Or maybe...just maybe...I could use this new knowledge not as an "oops!" but an "ah-ha!". 

So today, with all these bag embellishments, I did just that. I cut stars, stockings, and mittens from the Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit out of corrugated glitter paper (oh heaven that this even exists, so fun), burlap paper, and canvas paper. I got the main shapes, but no stitch holes to be seen. Score.

Breaking it down paper per paper...

1. Glitter Paper or Corrugated Glitter Paper: Go ahead and run it through your die cut machine with the die as normal. Cuts the edges no problem. You'll have to "pop" it out of the surrounding paper with your fingers. Should come out cleanly. And no stitch holes!

2. Burlap Paper: Cut on the backside of your sheet, where the paper backing is. Your die will cut through the paper backer, leaving a channel or guide. Just take your scissors and cut along that line. You'll be cutting the remaining burlap fibers that didn't cut with the die. Really easy...almost like a knife through butter.

3. Canvas Paper: Same as the burlap. 

Bag embellished with dies from Papertrey Ink

On this bag, I cut the Beaded Star Die from the Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit out of canvas paper. The red glitter star was cut with Enclosed: Star. And it is embellished with Holly & Mistletoe Dies and Holiday Double Cuts.

Specialty Papers Used with Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit Mitten

On this bag, I cut two mittens from the Beaded Holiday Stitch Kit out of corrugated glitter paper. Just gorgeous stuff. I'm in love. It comes in several colors at your local Michael's by the sheet. Used Holly and Mistletoe Dies and Wonderful Word Holiday Dies on this bag. A clothespin covered with dies from the Holiday Pin Up Kit holds both the mittens to the bag and keeps the bag closed.

So that's two new techniques from me using the stitching dies. (Yesterday, I posted my puffed paper ornaments, you'll want to peek if you haven't seem them yet.) I'm all fired up for more creating. Hoping it lasts through the 25th. Lots to create between now and then.

See you in a few days with the countdown. Hope you're enjoying getting all your holiday crafting done:). You are in good company here. 

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  1. Love this! And I'm with you on the paper stash! Plenty of plenty here! If the holes don't cut, fine, it's an 'a ha' moment!