Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy and Me Cards

Matt's birthday is today. 33 years young. Hard to believe I've known him since he was 17. He's about the same, just a couple pounds heavier and with a little gray at the temples. Can say the same about myself.

We are keeping it simple this year. Nothing too extravagant. (I'll get around to posting how Matt and I are opting out of Christmas this year sometime soon...putting on the brakes!) I remember asking older-than-me people what they were getting their significant other for a gift and being shocked at the answer I most often got--we don't exchange gifts. How could you not get your husband/wife something for their birthday?!?!?! Seemed so unfathomable to me at the time. Is it a sign of maturity that I now completely understand the sentiment? When you get to the point where you can and usually do buy yourself anything you need/want (within reason mind you), gift giving becomes axillary. More about spending time together and doing something special. I so get that now.

But birthdays are still big. There's got to be cake and ice cream. Homemade cards. And a few little gifts. No blue-ray DVD player or Wii game system, as much as we discussed them. Just matching Redskins shirts for Matt and Hank and some treats for work. He's been so wanting Daddy and Me football gear. Rolling my eyes...but it isn't about me. And I've got to admit, the kid looked EXTRA cute in his little jersey today.

He got a few cards. I first made the black/green card last week for him. The Quickutz Silhouette at work with both the card and the circles. Used that Core-dinations cardstock to get the inside/outside color contrast. SUPER affordable when on sale at Joann's. Card is a nice size too, fitting inside these long envelopes I have laying around.

Completely unrelated and uninspired of the master plan, I handed Hank his Color Wonder markers and paper (bless the inventor of those) today when I was on the phone with the cable company (reason was unrelated to last night's post, but Showtime was having a $5.99 a month special and I ended up with Dexter! YEAH!). It wasn't until he scribbled away that the lightbulb went on. Hank needs a card to give to Dada! So I cut out the same shape I used for my original card, minus the score lines and welded with a rectangle to elongate it, and created this artwork card for Matt. Hank's first art project with Mama. I'm wiping away a tear from my cheek. So very proud. The first of many. I'm digging how it is a riff off of mine. Matt's got matching football gear, I've got matching birthday cards. Everybody is happy.

I invited all the parents over for Mexican Chocolate Cake and ice cream. Do you need anything more? Nope.

You've got to check out the recipe for the cake. SUPER yummy and delicious. The frosting is divine. Had myself a little helper while frosing it and I think he felt the same way.


  1. Great cards! I have to say, when I first saw Hank's card, I thought it was artsy-fartsy sketchy music notes! Didn't realize it was the artistic stylings of your babe. Maybe you have a musician in the making...or an artist. He did a wonderful job. Must take after his mama. ;) I hope that Matt had a wonderful day!

  2. I so know what you mean about the birthday present exchange. I still fell kinda guilty when I don't give my hubby anything but like you said if we need it we get it! LOL. Time together is way more important than any gift I could get that is for sure.

    And the picture of Hank the little helper brought a huge smile to my face! There is nothing better than that. :)

  3. Love the cards.....Sorry Erin, but I think Hanks tops yours!!!! :}
    I totally get the no gift thing. WE haven't exchanged gifts for years!!! Well, should say, I haven't gotten gifts for years - hubby got his $1500 several years aga - that was to last through quite a few years of Bday, FathersDay and Christmas... Funny how I don't have a big purchase like that!!!!

    Can't beleive how big Hank is. I swear he was just a little peanut not to long ago. Where does the time go.....ENJOY IT!


  4. Love the matching cards! Hank looks too cute helping you in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The cards are just perfect, Erin! (If you get a chance, could you please email me? Thanks!)

  6. i'm so happy to have found your blog! i've missed you ;)

  7. Those cards are CUTE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby!

  8. Really cute cards! Now I have a use for all the Coordinations CS I boutht super cheap at Joann's too!
    Hank's card is adorable and he looks so cute helping mama!