Thursday, October 1, 2009

This and That

Got to get a project up before I ramble on and on, right? Here's a little somethun' I did back in February. I took this one stamp (freebie for buying so many stamp sets via Papertrey Ink)...

...and turned it into this with some masking. Some. HA! I say that so casually, like it wasn't a small engineering feat to do this. :) All about the challenge that day. Ever get one of those bugs? Can I make this work? At the time, I didn't take any photos of the process. Will work on that in the future. All I've got to say is invest in some Post-it notes.

Hmmmmm. What else? Finished up with Jamie and Claire in the latest Outlander book. I have to wait four years for the next book? I can't stand it. Moving on to Deliverance Dane, although I've already read my fare share of Salem Witch Trial books and have come out on the other side without any great enlightment or entertainment. Took Hank to the dentist for the first time where I was told his screaming and hollerin' routine only ranked a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. To which I say, what the heck are the 10 kids doing? OY! Finding fall to be not so bad. Usually dread it. But with all the festivals and events happening around town, loving being out and about. Too many choices this weekend. Pumpkin patch or street festival? Giant slide or train ride? And of course, there's the little voice of responsiblity in my ear (I so hate her!) telling me we should reseed our pathetic yard and get everything in the garage photographed and listed on Craig's List. How do I go all carpe diem on it and do it all? Wish I knew. I think I'll put some serious thought into the problem during the commerical breaks for Grey's Anatomy. You know...the ones I fast forward through:).


  1. Morning Erin,
    I love the card, the stamping is very innovative! (but looks like a lot of work)
    Thanks for sharing.
    South Africa

  2. Love the card. I have a coffee cup stamp from CTMH...might have to give this a try - when I have about 3 hours of spare time :)

  3. I love that card Erin. I haven't tried doing the masking technique yet.

    Have fun this weekend.


  4. That card is fantastic, Erin! Have fun this weekend. I'll be ignoring that pesky little voice myself.

  5. I can't tell you enough how CUTE that card is!!! LOVE it!!

  6. I am a little behind the times..... so glad to find your blog. Have been waiting since you left CK. In fact I don't go over there anymore with you gone. So lovely to see how Hank has grown.
    BTW, Welcome to blogland.

  7. What an adorable card! LOVE it! Makes me want to pull out my stamps again. Is the tag with the verse on the front premade, or is it something you made? If you made it, is that a punch, a die cut, etc...?

  8. Fabulous job! ... oh how i missed your creative genius!